40 things to ponder about me….

I picked up on this over at Jim’s Place  Feel free to play along if’n ya want.

1. Do you like blue cheese? Yep
2. Coke or Pepsi? Sparkling Ice. It’s LIKE soda without all that crap in it that will kill you.
3. Do you own a gun? Not personally. Yet
4. What flavor of Kool-aid?  Green. What else IS there????
5. Hot dogs? Bakalar on a Brat Bun. No other way to eat it.
6. Favorite TV show? I’m lovin’ Netflix……….
7. Do you believe in ghosts? Absolutely …. have seen a few.
8. What do you drink in the morning? Coffee w/creamer unless I’m treating myself. And Caribou has become my new go to with Maple Boudino. OMG…………yum…
9. Can you do a push-up? A what?
10. Favorite Jewelry? My wedding set that is now put away.
11. Favorite Hobby? Cooking and Crocheting. Usually not at the same time….
12. Do you have ADD? No……………squirrel!!
13. Do you wear glasses? Yes
14. Favorite cartoon character? Marvin the Martian
15. Three things you did today? Breakfast w/the grandson at school. Drove. SANG!!!
16. Three drinks you drink regularly? Coffee, Ice water w/lemon, Sparkling Italian Water.
17. Current movies? ………….? The way Hollyweird is going? probably not.
18. Do you believe in magic? Yes
19. Favorite place to be?  Used to be snuggled up to Nick. I have to find a new favorite.
20. How did you ring in the New Year? Which one?
21. Travel? Where would you go?  I love to travel and Italy is my favorite destination.
22. Name five people who will most likely read this?  I’m sure there will be a bunch reading this but not many will say hello. I promise I won’t bite so SAY HI AND WAVE!!
23. Favorite movie?  Always
24. Favorite color? Burgundy/Hunter Green
25. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets?  Who doesn’t????
26. Can you whistle? Yes
27. Where are you now?  not where I WANT to be.
29. Favorite food?  Prime Rib with a horseradish dipping sauce.
30. Least favorite chore? Cleaning.
31. Best job you can think of?  Retired….I have to leave this. Good one!
32. What’s in your pockets?  Kleenex…..*cough*
33. Last thing that made you laugh?  A meme my daughter in law sent. “I didn’t wear earrings for a long time and the holes closed. Now I’m worried about my vag……” Well you get the drift.
34. Favorite animal?  Giraffes
35. What’s your most recent injury?  Took my friend Ronda to breakfast in the old truck. Caught the front of my shin with the bottom corner of the driver’s door. Nice black and blue mark on my leg now.
36. How many TV’s are in your house?  3. ONE is mine
37. Worst pain ever?  Breaking my sternum
38. Do you like to dance? Yes!
39. Are your parents still alive? Yes!
40. Do you enjoy camping?  LOVE to camp. With my dog.
Copy and paste to your WP with your answers if’n you want.
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4 years ago today….

……was the last day…….

Nick at Grand Marias on the way up to

……….my life…………Nick at Cross Falls.jpgnick and sue dancing………………….was normal……………..Nick and Sue benefitNick 71716holding-nick-on-my-lap-on-the-futon

Nick's truck during funeral

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Ladies Night……..

My friends Barb and Kris join me at my house once a week for ‘Ladies Night’. Barb and I do our Weight Watchers meetings while Kris finishes at her job. We all meet by 6pm for Salads. And desert.

For those of you who love salads like I do, Barb discovered some salad dressings you can eat and not feel guilty about.

WW goes by a point system. I get to ‘eat’ 23 points per day. Each food is assigned a point value based on its different daily value (Carbs, sugars, calories, etc)

Salads can be ZERO!!! points! My salad in the photo above? Zero Points and I can have all I want. Lettuce, cherry tomatoes, banana peppers, chicken breast, corn, mushrooms, hard boiled eggs, green peppers, onions and dressing.

Walden Farms Honey Mustard for this photo. I prefer the Walden Farms Raspberry Vinaigrette. LOVE them. ZERO points!!!!!! Look for these in your local store. I can buy them direct for $4.99 per bottle. Plus shipping. My local BIG grocery store? $2.99/bottle. I don’t care for the Bleu Cheese or the French. But the Chipotle? OMG…..Yum!!!

Onto our desserts. Fruit…in this photo blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and bananas. Covered in Walden Farms ZERO POINT Chocolate Sauce. And it’s REALLY good. Not blech like a sugar free chocolate sauce usually is. There’s probably 2 cups of fruit in that bowl.

We are all STUFFED by the time we are done eating. And it’s healthy. It’s good. And it’s ZERO points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay me!!

We watch different things. We love Grace and Frankie and cannot wait for November 2nd to roll around when Season 5 starts…..

Last week we watched Book Club. Barb has seen it 3 times now, I’ve seen it twice but Kris hadn’t seen it. We laughed so hard!

Next week, we already have tickets to see A Star is Born at the theater. We’ll go eat at the Hungry Peddler before the 7pm movie. Watching carefully to stay within my 23 points to broiled fish or grilled chicken. After that I don’t know because………

WHY IS IT THE ONLY VEGIES RESTAURANTS OFFER ARE BROCCOLI AND CAULIFLOWER??? YUCK!!!! Cripes….at least offer Mixed Medley of green beans or how about peas and carrots???

I can’t eat Broccoli anymore (LOVE the stuff dipped in Ranch dressing) and Cauliflower? BLECH! To ME, that crap stinks.


Y’all have a nice day!!!

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Antique Radios…..

So Mike noticed a couple antique radios in my last post…All of these you see are for sale. I have to get rid of them as they take up almost one whole room in my house. #1 is a 1936, the one with the mesh front is a 1953, #9 is somewhere in the 40’s I believe, the little colored bakelites on the bottom shelf and in the group shot are from the 50’s. I have more than these and most of them are for sale. I only have a couple that are not. I have a Cathedral which is in the photo of Jegs in my last post……Last time we checked……..$900.

I have a gorgeous 1935 or 36 in my bedroom for $100. The one sitting on top of it is a 1932 shortwave that started Nick’s obsession with Philco Radios. Philco was owned by Ford Motor Company till 1974.Sues 1936.jpeg

Man I need to DUST!

I had one guy show up and bought 14 of the smaller ones including a ‘Bing Crosby’ which was very similar to a CD player.

Bing Crosby.jpg
The bottom opened up, you started sliding a record in, the radio ‘grabbed it’ pulled it in, the door shut and the record played. It’s a 1946. We found one in a museum, looked at each other and said “That is just like the one we have upstairs!” Which was cool.

I’ve been selling them off one by one. I’m not sorry to see them go. I am keeping the 1949 Entertainment Center (Radio, phonograph, and a 10″ Black and White TV) in the beautiful mahogany finish. I should get a photo of that thing….

You pick up. I won’t ship these beauties………………..LOL!!

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Maple Boudino and other Misc Stuff….

Fri is it friday yet
Not that I want to wish my life away but I am ‘zausted this week.

The damn dog kept waking me last night, whining at the upstairs door. 1:18am, 2:48am. 3:20am, till I finally pulled him in my room and shut the door KNOWING within 30 minutes the damn cat would want out.

Yup….just like clockwork.

Kicked his ass out….and now I’m shot.

Jegs 061317

Kill the animals day today.

Maple Boudino…anyone know what it is? This beats Starbucks Cinnamon Dulce Latte by a country mile. Caribou Coffee….I may have to start grabbing one on my way to work. I ALMOST drive by a Caribou……

I think the lack of sleep last night is why my neck is sore today.

I was chatting with a guy from the cities. We were having what I thought were some fun conversations but then…….he went quiet. So Bub-bye!

Men……pfft cat

Four new tires for my car…..245/60R18…………*watches bank balance drain* Even with a buy 3 get one 1 free sale, those are SPENDY buggers…..

I’m looking forward to Sunday. My Smokin’ Hot Date date at church. LOL.

Y’all have a great day!!!


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Good morning now wheres the coffee
I had a rough day yesterday. Back spasmed as I walked in the door to work. So Doc worked on that when I went to the chiro at 11:30am. I’m still hurting today.

Got home last night and I was cranky. Just hurting from my back so what did I do? Try to fix my stove pipe damper. Oops. THAT didn’t work.

Then what did I do? Threw in a bunch of wood to burn in a wood stove I shouldn’t use till I get that damper fixed. *throws hands in the air*

woodNo, not from last night. Just a nice photo of a pile of wood. LOL

It’s the physical movement I need to feel better. I plan on moving that whole pile of wood in before we get a crapton of snow. I also have several other outside projects to finish before the snow flies.

Oh wait. It already did!


It’s days like yesterday I really MISS Nick. I keep being reminded how much he did for me.  Things keep popping into my head lately and while I’m not losing it like I used to, I still get really sad and my eyes leak.

I miss his hugs and his kiss. The feel of him under my hands and against me. There is still such a hole…………………….

Heart on plank Valentines day

My friend and I stopped by to see him on the way home from the airport Thursday. She wanted to because she has known me for so long and followed the journey with him, she said she felt like she knew him and wanted to stop and pay her respects. I liked that.

So I leave you with……………….


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I’m not sure this is a date…………..but we are doing church, Bloody Marys then the movie Deliver…….um….Defiance.

a lot of widows feel they have betrayed their spouse by continuing to live
So I asked him today……..If we were still doing this on Sunday……

Me: So you DON’T have a hot date for church Sunday morning……………..?

Him: I do not…I have a “smokin’ hot” date, not just a hot date…lol

So I have a date on Sunday for Church. It’s a Catholic Church a good 45 plus minute drive away. No, he won’t come pick me up because he lives like 3 minutes from the Shrine. I’ll drive down. Then we are doing a late breakfast at a place by him that has Bloody Mary Sunday. Then we’ll go back to his house and watch this movie he hasn’t seen. I’ve seen it about 6 times now but it is a good one.

This guy is 14 years younger than I. I love him to bits. He is kind and gentle and sincere and CARES about me. But we are just friends and the ‘smokin’ hot’ thing was to make me laugh. IF there was any more to it, I would be so surprised. Dan and I have been friends for like ever….

….and I’d like to keep it that way…….


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