Itza day….or a week?

So one of the reasons why I’ve been so quiet…..

Gary and I were talking and doing things together again. Strictly as friends. He agreed to this over and over. And over. And over. Get that part? I just want to be clear.

But? He couldn’t get that part. He wasn’t telling the truth. I was up front with him from the beginning. I enjoy his company. I enjoy having him in my life and it was friendship with me or nothing. Because right now I don’t really want a relationship. He agreed to this. Repeatedly… because He JUST wanted to spend time with me. When we do a project together? It gets done. NOW. I loved that and so did he. But instead of telling me he wasn’t feeling right about it, he spat nasty shit at me. I went quiet.

These were waiting by my front door when I got home last night. Along with a handwritten letter apologizing for all the nasty things he said to me Sunday. I am beginning to think he is bi-polar. I should have known it wouldn’t work when the some of the things he told me about “messed me up so bad!” were things most of us just shrug off and go on with our lives after experiencing.

So it’s completely over now. Not even a friendship like I wanted. I really did think we were BOTH mature enough for that. Guess not. Ciao.

With the decision to re-carpet the living room, comes moving all kinds of stuff. Getting rid of things. Moving plants back out to the screen porch…….

….which means having to move it out to the lawn when I can get the lumber home to redo the floor out there. Doing this floor should be an easy day job. Shhhh I probably jinxed that now. Then Brandon wants to get moving on my 3rd bedroom. So would I. Then my 2nd story would be completely done and I can concentrate on my 1st floor.

AirBnB is picking up again. Tonight I have 2 guys sharing my front room. They asked if I had a cot for one to use. No, but I do have a blow up mattress. They are good with that so it’s all set up ready to go. Another lady is coming in 3 weeks; and I get a lot of ‘I’ll be there in an hour , is that OK?’ Why yes, yes it is.

This weekend my neighbors are having a garage sale so I have a few things I’m throwing on it. I’ll go visit tonight before or after my guests arrive. Depending on what time I get home from……

…..the wake I am going to tonight up in Caledonia. She was like 5 days younger than my brother Scott that passed away. Her parents are dear friends of my parents. Her dad lost his left hand at our house in 1965 doing something with the corn picker. I remember him sitting on our steps gasping. Mom was on the phone trying to get the nosy neighbor OFF the party line so she could call an ambulance. “Well I was on here FIRST!” LADY GET OFF THE PHONE!! WE NEED TO CALL AN AMBULANCE! Why?? Oh she was a nasty one. Always picking up and listening in on other conversations.

Yes, I’m old enough to remember party lines.


So I’m leaving an hour early. Which is 40 minutes from now and I have a $5,300 order to enter.

Y’all have a GREAT weekend!!

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I just realized…..

It’s been a little bit since I have said hello.

I’ve been busy.

I’ve been tired.

I’ve been cheering my g’son on playing soccer. Both sidelines and on the phone. I have a hard time driving an hour for 30 minutes of soccer and another hour back home when I have SO much to do right now. I go to the closer games.

I’m just trying to get things done. I have two students coming this fall. From Italy and Spain.

And I can’t wait!

I did a little video of each room and Whatsapp’d it to Antonio. He has a preference but he and Juan will discuss it. The 3rd bedroom that needs a redo yet, I’m going to make part of it into a common room for them. Put the TV in there so there will be no heated discussions over it. I think it’s best that way. Today is Juan’s birthday. I sent messages yesterday because Spain is like 6 or 7 hours ahead. He loved it! He’s usually so quiet……So Antonio set up a room for the 3 of us to chat in. LOVE it.

I’m slowly clearing out my living room. I have decided to carpet it again. So I need to figure out a fence for the pups. Toldja I’ve been busy.

Also need to clear out the 3rd bedroom upstairs. Brandon wants to get it done too.

So lots to do. Anyone wanting to come and help, Jump on I90 and I’ll tell ya where to get off.


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I’ve been here!|8|8|8

ONE Of those HAS to work…??? lol

This is as close as we are allowed to get to it. People were stealing the pink sand. So they cut off access. That is too sad. But it was cool to read this article and realize I have been there! Aug 2017 when I went to see Matteo!

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I bought this bookcase in 1995. It housed Nick’s mini car collection, then, when I discovered he wouldn’t dust them? Our VHS Movies that slowly was converted to DVD’s and didn’t need that kind of room. Later, it became an actual bookcase with Knick Knacks mixed in. (see top photo upper middle)

I finally got very tired of it. My friend Janet, Jack’s new mommy, said she could use it. She and her friend Mike? came and got it on Saturday.

LOOK at all that room! And now I can actually start sorting all those boxes my daughter dragged downstairs from the room the boys used!! I’m so excited to finally get this corner of my living room sorted. And that huge plant outside.

Because I’m carpeting the living room.

Yes, I am covering back up all that history in the floor.

And getting different furniture.

I can’t wait.

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Bits and bits

I know I haven’t written much lately. Been just maintaining and trying to get things done in my house and outside. Started mowing lawn yesterday. Today, it flurried. So I guess THAT job won’t get finished for a few days.

While I was mowing, Stella and Louie were out in the dog pen running. Till I started mowing. They were NOT happy. So Stella found the one spot to wiggle under the fence. And came running at me. On the riding lawn mower. I shut it down, jumped off and got on the ground. She came running right at me! I hugged her and told her what a good girl she was to come to Mom! (my heart is in my throat because she usually heads right for the highway…I was close enough to it). I’m still not going to trust them outside without a leash.

Went to Lennox’s soccer game. OMG it was SUCH fun!! LOVE watching him play! He’s not much into sports but he LOVES this. I’m going to try to photo shop that lady outta there and put this one on canvas. I am beyond proud of this young man. He got in there and kicked the other players with the best of them.

So that’s it for now. I may have more tomorrow. Hugs to all

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Interesting read…..

“Based on available epidemiological data and studies of environmental transmission factors,” the CDC concluded, “surface transmission is not the main route by which SARS-CoV-2 spreads, and the risk is considered to be low.” In other words: You can put away the bleach, cancel your recurring Amazon subscription for disinfectant wipes, and stop punishing every square inch of classroom floor, restaurant table, and train seat with high-tech antimicrobial blasts. COVID-19 is airborne: It spreads through tiny aerosolized droplets that linger in the air in unventilated spaces. Touching stuff just doesn’t carry much risk, and more people should say so, very loudly.

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So I think I’m heading to IL this weekend…..

Well ya…….lol….with this bunch? yup. But I am going for a funeral for the son of one of the IL mafia. He had a stroke last week, passed away this weekend. He was 55. FAR too young.

I slept with both my bedroom windows open last night. The living room, dining, bathroom and laundry room too. APRIL 6TH people!!! I think that is a new record!!

The crickets and the bullfrogs sounded so summery last night when Stella, Louie and I went out for a walk….summer is coming….Sitting on the screen porch….

………just chillin’ with a glass of wine.

Of course you all know you are welcome to join me.

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I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately…

SO waiting for Spring to actually SPRING! I want to be outside taking care of things. I’m stuck inside finishing up some projects.

I took my walk to my friend J’s house to see Jack today.

OMG. He shied away but I would call his name and he’s like “I think I KNOW her!!”

He finally got close enough to sniff my hand; then he was all over me! Oh, such a sweet boy and he is doing SO well with J! I’m very happy. I knew he was going to a great home.

They play tag and get along so well, Gus and Jack. I feel really good about her getting him.

He licked my face all over. I’m wondering what Stella will do when I get home……

And this brightened my day…………considerably….

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