September birthday shout out!!!

Happy September birthday people!!!!

I feel that needs to be celebrated


cake drunk.jpg


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I spose I should write today….

Still fighting a cold.

I have a new font since I rebooted my computer. Also lost all my damn bookmarks for all the companies I order online from. Yay. That’s special.

Gary and I are going Glamping tonight. Our friends bought a worn out park model home and redid it. OMG it is SO nice. We’ve been invited to stay over tonight. So I’m leaving work at 2:30 and away we go.

I have a stiff neck. Not happy about it. I need a good massage.

My phone is charging sooooooooooooooo slowly today. I don’t have the right cord. It’s at home in my car. *sigh* 30% and it’s been charging since 9am. It’s now 1:40pm.


It’s downright freezing here at a chilly 64*. Wow. Back to the mid 80’s mid next week. Yay. No wonder I have a cold. It has NOTHING to do with my Birkenstock sandals and the fact that I wear them till about Nov 1. Oh hush.

Well I spose I should finish up my orders and get ready to leave. Hope he’s driving the Mustang today. LOVE that car.


She burbles so nicely……………….LOL!!!

Have a great weekend y’all!!



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Ok, Who’s the bastard……..

……………that licked my paperwork while sporting a cold????

cold 2.jpg

God I hate summer colds. At least when it’s cold and snowy out you KNOW you are gonna feel crappy.

Dorian is here.jpeg
I was wrong yesterday. Dorian may have teased us Tuesday but today we are under watches. Up to 60mph winds, lightening that knocks out power, hail, torrential rains, flooding. Not anywhere near what the south got, but we do see the aftermath on occasion.

I put the Mustang in the garage as the hail arrived in Winona. My luck it would grow bigger when it got to my house…..

And a couple photos to make you smile. Apparently she likes pasta. Could NOT shovel it in fast enough. Look at that face………..*sigh*


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I saw the most amazing thing Sunday….

Coming back to my house from Gary’s, we were driving through Winona when a low flying crow caught my eye. Then a rabbit STREAKED across the street in front of my car.

Suddenly, the crow dropped something. Yet the rabbit kept heading for the crow. Jumping in the air to try and get the bird.

Here it had dropped a tiny baby rabbit.


The Crow kept trying to get the baby. The Momma kept trying to get the crow.

Then the damn light turned green.

I don’t know how this story ended.poof


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