…then I switched gears….

This is a shelf my dad gave me when they moved. I think he told me he built it. I like it. I think it’s funky. It will sit in my hall because it is narrow and the kids can put their shoes on it so the hallway is not full of 13 grandchildren’s shoes. I can set my purse on it, some candles, a Scentsy warmer and other whatnots I don’t know what to do with. LOL

So I started painting it the color of the hall walls. I’m thinking I’ll dry brush another color over it when I’m done with the Tuscan Tan.Resized_20200120_183916_1493
I am also painting the wood trim white…but I may have told you that already. My brain is mush for all the ideas I have for my house. I may have told you that already too.

So I’m heading right home after the thrift store to keep moving on this…..

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So I started a NEW painting project….

I hate the green in my hall. But LOVE it in the living room. So I grabbed a can of paint, the laundry room color, and had at Sunday night. Got this much done before my arm gave out. And LOVE it. Because of all the crap on the woodwork, that will get painted white. The chair rail will be removed from the left side. The right side(second photo) may end up with a groove in it to hold a chunk of chalkboard. Now I can’t wait to get this finished so I can get rid of that GawdAwful linoleum. I want to finish painting first because under that linoleum, I’m hoping is decent wood like my dining room (1916 tongue and groove hardwood maple). I just have to figure out if I can keep it wood with 18 coats of urethane or if I will need to cover it again.

I’ll try to get a photo when we pull it up and the painting is done……My house is finally getting the way I want it.


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Nothing to write today…aka Friday 5

1.) It started Snowmageddon at about  3pm here. Hope I get home ok.

2.) Gary is staying at his house tonight. That’s ok by me. I can sleep in tomorrow.

3.) I hope the 50mph winds wait till I get home.

4.) I should stop and get dog food but it will have to wait.

5.) I got milk and bread and eggs Wed night. I should be ok on food.

Have an excellent weekend!

olaf and snow angel

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Thinking…..something I shouldn’t do?

Memories have been hitting me lately. As I sort through things now that my daughter en fam have moved out, I find things that can make me smile, make me cry, and still make me drop to my knees. grief never ends

I’ve been chatting with a man who was kind of a friend of Nick’s. I say kind of because he’s got a ’65 black Galaxy like what Nick had. Cars seem to make men automatic friends.  We  lost touch with Bill over the last years. I think it’s been 15 or more years since we talked and we didn’t leave on good terms. I cannot really remember why. I asked him the other night and he told me he didn’t want me mad at him all over again. Grief is the last act of love

I had sent Bill a letter based on a people search, hoping it was him so I could let him know about Nick. I didn’t want to keep it from those he knew.  Bill was sad about it as were the other 4 I’ve had to tell in the last few months. Another reason memories are hitting me. They want a few details which brings it ALL back.
Line drawing of grief

The one thing he said to me that I truly appreciate is: “It’s your journey. Take it at your speed.”  I’m glad he got it.

I had another person the other day, wondering if Gary and I are moving in together.
no.  I don’t plan on it at this time.  I don’t plan on marrying either. And I don’t think that will change.


My pain, I have discovered, hasn’t lessened.  I had a meltdown just the other night. And it made me think of how I feel about Gary.

And I cannot put a name to it.  To me that is sad.

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