My letter of resignation

I joined the board to try and make a difference. Instead I have watched people, in my opinion, acting contrary to our mission statement. Then require me to sign a document stating I cannot discuss what they have done. This board has totally lost sight of all that is important to this organization – being there for our clients. Not rewriting a manual. Not wearing uniforms or covering tats. Our clients.

And until y’all read the POLICE REPORTS and find out the FACTS about Joe and that deal? PLEASE stop believing the lies that have been told by several people both on the board and off.

When I read that unbelievable list of ‘recommendations’, all I could think was this Miss Steffes has NO clue what BCFR is all about. So I am left wondering just WHY she became involved with this organization. I don’t feel that Miss Steffes has done what she was HIRED and PAID to do. Uniforms and covering tats are for banks and offices, NOT BCFR. Some of the items on that list were already being done, which she would have found out if she had asked. Things have worked very well for the last 30+ years. Now look.

My trust in this board was broken months ago. I started asking questions. Then I just ‘rode it out’ to see what you all were up to. (Keep in mind? When you give someone your social security #?; It’s implied consent.)  Now I know. And I know I can no longer trust that you, the remaining board, have BCFR’s best interests at heart. You have removed one of the most important people that makes that place WORK for the CLIENTS. 

This board has failed.  And I am beyond sad.

My resignation is effective immediately. I will not be at the board meeting on Monday.. I cannot continue with people I cannot and do not trust.


I sent this off a hour before the board meeting yesterday. When LA sent her letter, two of them BEGGED her to reconsider, to please not leave, blah blah blah.

Me? I get this: I am sorry to hear your decision to no longer be on the board of BCFR.  Please know that the mission of this organization is our #1 and always has been.  It will continue to be our top priority.  We have an exciting group of potential board members with fresh eyes starting in January and I, personally and very excited for the years to come. We wish you all the best Sue.  Take care.

…..from the one that lied. Now I know she was working to get rid of me too because she knows I know what she did.

Not a WORD from any of the other board members.


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I am beyond livid today…..

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I don’t like when people lie.

Y’all know I am on the board for a women’s group. Today, based on the lies of one person, I had to be part of a meeting to terminate someone from that group.  I voted Nay and abstained because I knew it was wrong. The ‘EB’ had their votes and minds made up so the other board member and I both had NO say in this wrongful termination.

I hope that bitch can live with herself.

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