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Monday, Nov 17th, 2014

Nick had a PET scan this day. We would get the results on Wednesday at the doctor’s office. Instead she called us at 7am just as we are getting ready to leave…. “OMG there IS a God!!! PET Scan came … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving was on hold for us Wednesday night as Nick was ill. Again. Feels like he has the flu all the time. But then Thursday, he felt good enough that we went to the community dinner at 11am, then we … Continue reading

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He’s giving up….

“How can anyone feel this bad and still be alive??” I don’t know, luv……..I just don’t know. He’s down to 132.5lbs this morning. He went to bed at 5pm last night, got up at 10:30pm for a bit, and then … Continue reading

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What’s it like…?

….To live without such fear? I don’t know if I can remember….This morning Nick was finally sleeping so peacefully…..that I am freaking out looking for his chest to be moving up and down. Was he BREATHING??? Last night, I spent … Continue reading

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Nov 10….home for less than 2 weeks……

For a bit of levity, this is from my archives: With all that had been going on with Nick over the past few weeks…… poor car had been somewhat neglected… This guy comes to the door that Saturday (11/8/2014) “I … Continue reading

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Sat, Sun, and now….Monday…

I just can’t write today. I’m so angry and upset and depressed and pissed off……….. And cancer doesn’t care.

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Nick’s MRI results 11/20/2015

I’m jumping ahead today… today…. Nick called me this morning. He had gone in for a doctor appointment at 7:20am for the results of his MRI from Monday. It should have been a clue for me that he was sniffling … Continue reading

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