The week from hell……….

And I do mean the week from hell.

Sunday was good. Nick and I had ‘The Sunday Stroll’ to raise money for Operation Homefront. We did good…but that’s a whole nudder blog….

Monday: Nick goes in and has surgery to have his gall bladder removed. They think this is the reason for his ‘problems’ over the last 2+ years. Nick had an AWESOME surgeon…he looked around a bit while he was in there, noticed some ‘old blood’ and made note of it. Nick goes to recovery…..does pretty good and is allowed to go home by 4pm.

Here’s the blessing in disguise…..He was scheduled to take a pain pill at 4:30pm. We weren’t home yet where he could. So he was 15 minutes….15 lousy minutes late taking his pill and by the time we got home, the pain was pretty intense. Even taking more pills didn’t cut it and by 11pm he wanted me to just shoot him.

And he was serious.

There was no way to sit, stand, or lay down that he was comfortable.

I’ve never felt so helpless in my life….

Tuesday morning, we were back in the ER before 8am……..

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