PET Scan results…Nov 19th

OMG there IS a God!!!  PET Scan came back with NO hot spots!!! None!!!

Instead of having to chemo with a 3 week break then 5 weeks of chemo/radiation…he only had to do the chemo/radiation for 5 weeks. This cuts down his treatment time by 1/2 to 2/3rds!!! This was AWESOME news!!

Ever since Nick and I heard that the PET Scan came back with no hot spots, I’ve watched Nick get healthier looking, there’s a bounce in his step, he smiles more……………..

Just the mental load off has been amazing.

He’s getting back to his old self again….albeit 18 pounds lighter.
I need to fatten him up. (Per Dr. S. *blank on her name right now but she’s a perky funny little thing!!)

And now the issue that Dr. G put ‘on the back burner’ ….

It’s standard practice to always to a cardio check on anyone heading for chemotherapy. Nick’s b/p has pretty much been ‘normal’. Wednesday, when we went into Dr G’s to hear the PET Scan results, his b/p was 111/74. (this was Nov 19th)

They did this cardio test last Friday? Nov 14th I think? (things are really running together lately). Dr. G told us Nick’s heart looks like he’s had high blood pressure problems. It’s not a REAL concern….but they’ll be watching him during chemo/radiation.  I didn’t tell anyone this news before because I wanted everyone to have a couple days of YAY!!!!!!  Dr. G isn’t THAT concerned about it………so we’ll worry IF and WHEN we need to.

We have enough on our plate right now.

/ * / * / * / * / * / * / * / * / * / * / * / * / * / * / * / * /

I remember this day of the PET scan results. Nick and I couldn’t stop hugging and crying and smiling and and and…….I don’t even remember what we did to celebrate….other than just breathe.

We both thought there might be a light at the end of the tunnel…..That his real healing could begin.

How little did we know……



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8 thoughts on “PET Scan results…Nov 19th

  1. This so reminds me of what I went through with both my parents, the ups and downs a ride I would not wish on anyone. My mom was my age when she passed. She was sick for five years, I am blessed to be healthy and not on any meds. Both parents smoked like chimneys I truly believe that was the ingredient that was different.

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  2. There were so many concerns over the chemo and radiation, and Rich does have some heart issues and occasional high blood pressure.
    But we went for it and didn’t of course realize what the ride was going to be like. No one would stop the tilt a whirl when we wanted to get off….but one day we did….


    1. Everyone’s ride is different …. but I think they are ALL wild when it comes to this. Every person is different so every treatment, even tried and true ones, can have different results.


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