Sunday Nov 23rd…..*smiles*

After all that was going on….I felt we needed a bit of ‘normalcy’ in our lives for ONE day before the real intense stuff started.

I had secretly invited a bunch of people to our home on Sunday, Nov 23rd. It was a week before Chemo/Radiation would start and Nick was feeling pretty good. I wanted to capitalize on that and have a little party for him. We didn’t know HOW he would feel once chemo started. So all day Sunday…people were arriving……

He finally figured out why I had told him he should put on a NICE shirt….


He LOVED it… many people came and sat a spell. papa-and-julianaWe had munchies, memories and fun. Just sitting around talking and the grandchildren were there…..Juliana let Papa cuddle her…Which was awesome in itself….She’s a Daddy’s girl….

The grandchildren love their Papa Nick…..and that makes me happy.

A week later….Chemo/Radiation started…..

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11 thoughts on “Sunday Nov 23rd…..*smiles*

      1. If I am positive for any cancer, my problem is, ANY drug has side affects, I am drug sensitive, If it says will not make you drowsy I literally sleep for 2 days

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  1. Well you heard Rich, he was like Nick, no further treatment ever again. The reality for them is death is preferable to going through hell again.
    As we learned the other night that the ‘new’ normal for them is not the normal they want or even want to accept. Until I walk a mile in Rich’s shoes, I won’t completely understand it.
    The photo from last year show’s some real joy on Nick’s face.
    We too had company before Rich’s treatments got into full swing. He was happy then.

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