He’s giving up….

“How can anyone feel this bad and still be alive??”

I don’t know, luv……..I just don’t know.

He’s down to 132.5lbs this morning. He went to bed at 5pm last night, got up at 10:30pm for a bit, and then back to bed till 6:30am.

He didn’t eat.

And I can’t get him to understand that he won’t be able to function if he doesn’t give his body fuel to run on.

No results from the ultra sound yet either. I spose with the holidays, it’s more important to get to the relatives for the food than to give someone desperately waiting an answer on their LIFE.

Yes, Anger has set in.

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5 thoughts on “He’s giving up….

  1. Oh Boo 😦 Yes, be angry, you have every right to be. I know this is hard for you, yet imagine what is going on in Nick’s mind. He needs YOU to be strong for him, yet how can you be strong as you watch the man you love in all this pain and uncertainty ?? You are in my prayers now. Know that you are loved.


  2. Anger at him for giving up and withdrawing is okay, you want him to fight and be the old Nick. I think major Depression is at work here. He feels helpless, hopeless, and doesn’t want to deal with life or the world right now.
    If he will agree call his primary doctor??? And relate what is going on.
    I’ve been down this path with my husband more than once where he wouldn’t get out of bed, wash, or eat, and his world shut down. This was with no health threatening issues.
    Use your anger to start making calls?
    I am so sorry you are going through this and nothing I can say will ease your pain. It hurts so bad for us to watch this happen and stand by feeling totally helpless.

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