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Some people…

….just have to take things upon themselves and make messes for others to clean up. Nick’s child decided to start a GoFundMe page for his father. Which would be fine IF he’d gotten it right. #1-he put an amount of … Continue reading

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I got a little taste this morning…..

of what my life will be like with Nick no longer here. I detest snowblowers. But damn this one works NICE!!! We got somewhere between 11-14″ of white crap last night. I drove home 40mph for 26miles. ~yawn~ I ran … Continue reading

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My oldest grandson…..

………the more I see him, the more I love that kid. I didn’t know my heart could swell this big. I have 8 grandchildren. With #9 due in February. Cullan is my oldest. He will be 16 come June 22nd. … Continue reading

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Christmas update

I have a few updates, some good news and some somewhat not so good news… Our Christmas: was actually pretty good. Christmas Eve, we mostly visited with a few friends that stopped by and I spent the day stuffing presents … Continue reading

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The aftermath…………….

I had told myself over and over that I wouldn’t get my hopes up that the doctors at the world re-known Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN would give us better news. Well…..apparently I had subconsciously done just that. With the … Continue reading

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….is a day I thought I’d be doing better with being up and at work. Nick spent the night in Rochester with his brother. I really thought it would give me a night to just relax. I couldn’t sleep. Took … Continue reading

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Just how much …..

…..have they missed? Nick did nothing but sleep yesterday. All day. I don’t think he was awake more than 2 hours. This can’t be right unless this crap is progressing faster than they thought. Nick goes to Rochester tonight for … Continue reading

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