Happy Birthday To Me!



He and Mommy brought me Good and Plenty’s from the Sweet shop! ……(so I gave him a butterfly)


The Sweet Shop…..in business in the same building and using the same recipes by the same family since May 1921!!!

His mommy knows what I like!!

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9 Responses to Happy Birthday To Me!

  1. fredrieka says:

    oh that looks up my alley, so I looked at that picture Sue and you and I could actually be sisters, standing next to each other people would think so. We have to meet… Happy birthday sweet friend, I gave Yellowrose your link MY bestie will be around.

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  2. LOL…a cool town in WI? Viroqua, Readstown, Cashton, …
    Hey friend happy happy birthday to you. You SO do not want me to sing though!

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    • Boo says:

      We want to do a Booboopalooza Party. Thinking maybe up in Door County would even be good!!! “Fred” (above) would be coming from Michigan Way….


  3. Lia Storm says:

    Happy Birthday beautiful one ♥♥♥

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