I’m getting overwhelmed….

The outpouring of love and friendship is getting to be more than I can absorb!

Can you believe THAT????

Now I have a friend coming Saturday morning to put up my tree for me!

How awesome!!

I just don’t have the spirit I used to when Christmas rolls around. I got my cards out and mailed. That’s about all I’ve done except shop. I need to sort and wrap and I don’t really want to. She is planning on helping me with that too!

Nick has an appointment in Rochester Mayo on Tuesday.

I really hope he comes home with good news.

I can’t take any more bad. I’m becoming too numb

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6 Responses to I’m getting overwhelmed….

  1. Numb is sometimes the way we protect ourselves from pain and anguish. You have a good friend that will come over and do the tree.
    Things are quiet here at the farm.

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  2. fredrieka says:

    enjoy the tree the brightness may not be within you but by the sounds of it the love is bright around you

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  3. Jad says:

    Good friends often have the power to make or break a situation without even knowing they have that power!!

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