….is a day I thought I’d be doing better with being up and at work.

Nick spent the night in Rochester with his brother. I really thought it would give me a night to just relax.

I couldn’t sleep.

Took a 1/2 tablet of Tylenol PM at 1am.

I think that was a mistake……………

Sheesh………….I couldn’t hardly drag my ass outta bed this morning.

But at least I got some rest. Even if it was only about 4 hours.

Nick is in Rochester. Doing ‘extensive testing’.

Last night in the mail is an authorization letter for him to go to Rochester. It’s authorizing 4 office visits. All tests WE’LL have to pay for.


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12 Responses to Today

  1. Sue write/email livestrong for financial help. Explain the situation. They can at least send you to various places where help can be found.

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  2. Christine says:

    that sucks what was the point of the authorization then?

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  3. Maybe someone could start a fund raising to help y’all with the medical bills. There was a time when most hospitals and medical clinic would have funds set aside to help those who needed help with medical expenses. Maybe that type of help is not available anymore.

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  4. Glad you commented on Christine’s post this morning! Now if I can figure out how to use this seems a bit tricky. As soon as I see a option to follow you, I will!

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