The aftermath…………….

I had told myself over and over that I wouldn’t get my hopes up that the doctors at the world re-known Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN would give us better news.

Well…..apparently I had subconsciously done just that.

With the likes of Ronald Reagan, Shah of Iran, Tommy Chong, Michael York, the not so illustrious Rev. Jesse Jackson, and many other celebrities and *gasp* ‘famous people’ going there for treatment, it’s GOT to be great right?

I was planning on going to Rochester after work today, spend the night with Nick in his motel, finish up with whatever appointments were Thursday then come home.

He was already home when I got there last night. I literally stood there with my mouth hanging open.

The doctors over in Roch looked over his tests, scans, x-rays, more tests, more scans and stuff.

“We feel the doctors in LaCrosse did a thorough job. We don’t feel there is anymore we, here in Rochester, can do for you. So we won’t waste your time and money. Just go home and enjoy Christmas.”

10-12 months if he does Chemo. Less if he doesn’t.

To say we are devastated is putting it mildly.

I was too stunned last night to feel much.

Today…………is another story.


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12 thoughts on “The aftermath…………….

  1. Sue: I didn’t even know you had a blog. I just spent the last hour or so reading. I am so sorry! We will be praying for you. My mother died of cancer and it is …. no words to describe. PLEASE let me know if I can do anything for you. Remind me before the benefit, I will put together a basket from my brother’s flower shop. Don’t try to be too strong, you have to let things out as they come. Call me if you need. Cyndi

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    1. Yes, I’ve been trying to write down and get this out of my head.

      I can’t guarantee I’ll remember before April to contact you. Can you throw it on his calendar at the shop?

      My head can’t wrap around a lot of this.


  2. Here it is now. Not good news and no miracles to pull out of any medical professional’s hat. My mom went through this with the same cancer Nick now has and spent time with her guy taking care of him. She did the hospice and it seemed to help her deal with it as they got closer than ever before.
    He accepted it, she was angry, but then they both decided to live and love as best as they could for the rest of his life. She said it was bittersweet and still recalls that year with so much love in her voice.
    This is not easy.

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  3. I lost a good friend who was also my brother in law in October with pancreatic cancer. He was the most sweetest, kindest guy I’ve ever known..I am angry at God for not sparing him….asked to let someone else die who had no desires to live or someone who is old and is ready to go. Nope..didn’t work out that way…my wish was not granted.

    Keep writing Boo..pour your heart out..let yourself feel, don’t hold back, express it.

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      1. Yep..unfortunately there’s no answer to that question….I’m sure that question gets asked thousands of times a day. We ask, was it something that caused it, is it genetic DNA or part of God’s plan? “The plan” a conversation we supposedly had with God before life on earth? Course most who know me know I believe in reincarnation….that I will see and be with those I share life with in another time and place. again and again. Knowing this doesn’t make it easier when someone passes away but I do find comfort in knowing it is not the end.

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  4. I lost my mom to cancer when I was a senior in high school. I said the same thing and was SO very angry. My mom was the kindest, caring, family person. I was lost and made some terrible mistakes. You are doing good to write this down and not keep it all inside. Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

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