My oldest grandson…..

………the more I see him, the more I love that kid. I didn’t know my heart could swell this big.

I have 8 grandchildren. With #9 due in February.

Cullan is my oldest. He will be 16 come June 22nd. He was born on my grandparents wedding anniversary. This child is like 6′ something already and the sweetest young man I know.

I think he’s gonna be my rock when I need it.

He’s not doing really well knowing Papa has only months left with us. He loves his Papa something fierce. They all do. But with Cullan being the oldest….he is way more aware of what is going on than I wish. But I won’t keep things from him. He has a right to know.

I’ll just hug him even more.

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4 thoughts on “My oldest grandson…..

  1. I agree with you that your grandson, being the age he is, has a right to know what is going on at every stage. Hard as it is, it gives him time to prepare for what is to come. I bet he will be your rock and I also believe you will be his too. I have a feeling you are much stronger than you think you are love.

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