Some people…

….just have to take things upon themselves and make messes for others to clean up.

Nick’s child decided to start a GoFundMe page for his father. Which would be fine IF he’d gotten it right.

#1-he put an amount of $1,000 for medical expenses and living expenses.


Keep in mind, Nick’s going to do more Chemo. His Chemo/Radiation bill for ONE week was $33,000. For one week of 5 treatments. And that was a year ago. He will be doing Chemo once per week for the rest of his life unless he decides to stop it.

#2-he put a photo of his father in the hospital on the page. No. Nick didn’t want ANY photos of him in the hospital on the Internet. That needs to be removed.
*this has now been removed and replaced with a decent photo.

#3-he put on there that Nick has resigned his job and lost his health insurance. No, he has not. That could be construed as Fraud by putting false information out there. Not to mention if anyone says anything to his co-workers about ‘sorry to hear Nick had to quit his job’ then yes, his job is gone and so is the insurance. This must be removed…
*this has now been removed.

#4-he set up the account in a town we don’t bank in at a bank we don’t bank at. I pay the bills. And he will never know what our bills are as it’s pretty much none of his business. The account needs to be set up to go to our joint house account so I can pay the bills. He will not have control over the money I need to pay Nick’s bills.
*Nick is putting his name on here also. I’m also going to talk to him about Nick being the only one to write checks out of it for now. No, this child is NOT taking care of the bills I have been doing for 20 years come March.

#5-he makes it sound like his father is all alone in the world. Wrong. I am here. I have BEEN here for over 21 years. This child needs to learn to deal with reality.
*this will never change.

I have had to put up with this child and his mother and their CRAP for over 20 years. I had made the mistake of thinking that maybe one day they would quit being …..(pick an adjective).

Apparently I was wrong.

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