Chemo Fog….

Nick didn’t really get it.

I did.

I can’t get paperwork together to save my soul. I have so many things to do I am just overwhelmed. And I’m getting scared I am missing deadlines. His SS, my ex’s pension I’m to get pay’ts on………bills are auto pay from our checking , Thank God.

There seems to be NOTHING I can do to motivate myself….I look at the stack of papers I need to go thru and ……………………. go to MyPoints Games and play Mahjong Dimensions.

I’ve never been this way before. I always do paperwork and pay’ts asap. This is why our credit ratings are in the upper 700’s.

It’s driving me nuts and I have no idea how to fix it.

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4 Responses to Chemo Fog….

  1. Val Ewing says:

    It is called stress. During the worst of my days … our days, I had to simply force myself to work at the paperwork.
    Nothing I can say can make it better thought I wish I could.

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  2. fredrieka says:

    Stress and your heart has started the grieving. We believe we only grieve after they pass. It is not true. We grieve the loss of the person they were. Do not be hard on yourself. Is there someone you trust that can help you with the paper work?

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