Tomorrow is Treatment #2


……….and I have a wake in Eitzen to go to. I’ve known this woman for like 50 years. Her daughter and I graduated high school together. I have to go.

I cannot run him all the way home then drive all the way back to Eitzen. I’d be on the road for HOURS. 30 min to Chemo, 3 hours at Chemo, 45 minutes to Eitzen, over an hour home.  It will be a LONG day. Add another 2 hours minimum if I have to run him home then go back…backtrackin’ like crazy!

Just got a text from the daughter. She’s got stomach flu. So I can’t leave him there.

Last time Nick felt pretty good on Chemo day (TH), and the day after(F). It was the 3rd day(Sat) after they took the pump off he started feeling crappy and was down till the next Wednesday.

I’m hoping that’s how he’ll do again this time. We already know that each one will get successively worse for him.

He’s fluctuating between 122-124lbs now. But at least he’s not still going down.  Hopefully he can hold here then start going back up. He felt really good from Wednesday to yesterday.

is monday gone yet Thank GOD!!

Monday Nick had a permanent stent put in his liver. I dropped him off at the hospital and went on to work. I was there by 7am so I planned on leaving at 3:30pm. Took a 20 minute lunch so I ended up leaving at 3:20pm. Went to buy grandson #4 his birthday gifts, then on to Goodwill where I found a PERFECT frame….or 2….or 3….ok, 5 of them. I had planned on getting EVERYTHING on my list at the first store.

WHAT??? STORES DON’T STOCK CHUNKY PEANUT BUTTER ANYMORE??? I ended up going to THREE STORES to get what was on my list!!!

So much for getting home at 5. I didn’t get home till after 6pm.


And now a funny from yesterday…..

I’m cracking UP HERE!!!
I finally talked to Nick at 3:30pm yesterday. He was home and in bed.
When I called, he was really out of it from the ‘surgery’ he had. (The permanent stent in his liver.)
Anyway…I’m talking to him, he’s slurring words and I can hardly understand him. He is trying to tell me the cat Sprint was TEARING something apart COULDN’T I HEAR HIM????
It didn’t make a lot of sense for the noise I could hear in the background.
So last night, we were laying in bed talking and I asked him about what Sprint could have torn apart as there was no mess in the house…….
“I don’t know. I could just hear him.”
Then I asked if he had seen our friend Larry. He had called me at work yesterday to let me know that he was stopping to throw some wood in for us.
It all clicked in place.
He was hearing Larry throwing in wood. Not the CAT tearing the house apart!!
I’m still chuckling…..


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2 thoughts on “Tomorrow is Treatment #2

  1. (((HUGS)))

    Keep your sense of humor Girlfriend.

    Maybe time to line up ride shares to spread the driving around a little. When my Pakka was so sick and getting both chemo and radiation we had a RideTree. We had enough people that it meant no one had to drive three or four days in a row. Gotta take the help where ever you can get it.

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