I am running on empty….

In case any of you are interested……..My daughter did an awesome job writing this up. At least go read it…..? I’ll forward your comments from here on to her. She is one awesome young lady and I love her. Bushel and a Peck.



All I could do last night was tear up.

Taking care of Nick is just wearing me out. And I get that. I know. I KNEW it would be difficult.


–We had to be to the hospital at 7am. Nick got his permanent stent checked and the tube removed. YES!

–off to the cancer center for lab work and Dr. G appointment.

–They cancelled Nick’s chemo. His blood work #’s were too low. Dr.G didn’t tell us that as she had looked at the #’s from MONDAY, not WEDNESDAY.

–so after 6 hours of sitting at the cancer center for a second round of labs where they verified his blood work was too low, we went to my daughter’s house as ….

I had a wake for a classmates mom 45 minutes away from LaCrosse the OTHER direction. No way to take Nick all the way home and back track all the way back. So he stayed at my daughter’s while I went, picked up the folks, and headed to the wake at the church (where the church is in Minnesota and the parking lot is in Iowa.)

It was so nice to see Carol & Tim, Danny, and Charlie again, and meet some of Carol’s children. It was a nice ‘reunion’……….then I walked up to see Carolyn.

All I could see in the coffin was Nick. I had to keep closing my eyes to see Carolyn in there.

And on top of being so damn exhausted…………….it was a rough night last night.


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4 thoughts on “I am running on empty….

    1. LOVE the moniker hon!!! I have no choice in some matters. I know that people think I shouldn’t have gone. But when you know their daughter for 50 years, you HAVE to go.


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