Things swirl through my mind….

There are so many things but this list pops out on here right now…..

Strange things like:

-What am I going to do with all this STUFF?

-I do NOT want to be on the dating scene again.

-Where am I going to rent a hospital bed?

-sorting and boxing…..oh man.

-I have to remember how to start that snow blower!

-Why can’t they cure this??

-I am not getting rid of that Ford 8N. I’m just going to have to learn how to drive it.

-sitting home alone ………………?

-meals for one again.

And the one that brings me to my knees……

-how the HELL am I going to live without him!?!? HOW??


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12 thoughts on “Things swirl through my mind….

  1. All you can do is tackle one thing at a time, if you try to do it all at once it will be overwhelming. Baby steps sweetheart, all that stuff can wait while you focus on the most important bit right now – the time you have left.

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    1. I need to get this pension thing done and Nick needs to get his SSI thing done, his will is in the works……….I need a personal assistant.


  2. Hilton Medical Supply in LaCrosse comes to mind, I know of people that have rented from them.
    I agree no dating scene, nope not ever again no matter what.
    I have imagined myself alone many times over the past few years and wondered exactly what would happen. You are in so much pain along with Nick. Let the ‘stuff’ like sorting wait, it doesn’t need to be done now.
    Sigh, the paper work is overwhelming and I know that. 😦

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  3. I wish I was close enough to be of some help . Let those who are able and who offer do what they can. People really DO want to help and sometimes you just have to tell the what you need them to do.

    I know this is so overwhelming for you .


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  4. The one thing I can address with confidence is, HOSPICE care. Accept it. Ask for it. It costs you nothing and they supply the bed, the tray table, the oxygen, the bathing nurse, they do it all. Plus there are Hospice volunteers who will come sit with him while you do errands, SLEEP, they aren’t allowed to feed him but they can hand him his cup so he can drink water. It’s a safety thing. But they are wonderful and they supply most of what he’ll need. They were a God send when Daddy got his diagnosis and he decided not to have chemo or radiation. Quality versus quantity of life. It was the same for my uncle. He had Hospice care for nearly 8 months. They can stay up to a year…then it has to be renewed. We need to talk. If I can get Skype to work for me it would be great. If not, we’ll have to resort to the phone. Love you Boo.

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    1. And this is something we will be doing when he gets to that point. Right now he’s out in the garage for a couple hours. He likes to work out there as it gives him some appetite and he’s able to sleep better. for now.


  5. Hospice was a lifesaver. With mother, her Alzheimer’s was like following after a 2 year old only worse. She couldn’t be reasoned with, for one. A coworker saw how frazzled I was and suggested it, only this time (we’d been refused before) her sister was the supervisor for Hospice care and we got the help we needed. What a Godsend. With daddy, it was automatic, as he had cancer and suffered a stroke somewhat later. So yes, get it lined up.

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