Chemo treatment #2

So here he is all hooked up and drippin’…..The paper he is looking at is the BEST lab results we’ve had in a while. May just frame that puppy.

The first thing they do is give him like 7 pills. A mixture of steroids and anti nausea. Then they hook up Charlotte Nottingham Smythe….(Charlie is the single IV -hearkens back from the time I was in the hospital for 11 days after getting my gallbladder removed) Charlotte has 2 or more of those pumping thingamabobs on it. This one here has 3 with 4 bags. So Charlie is a little too simple for it. (don’t forget the English accent as you say the name….hey, I have to get my giggles where I can OK??? Back off)

He had a bit of lunch while he was there. Chicken soup, half a grilled ham/cheese, potatoes and gravy. (pretty good amount considering…..)

At 3pm he’s getting unhooked, flushed, take home pump hooked up, bandaged up and off we go. This time we only needed to get some gas and head home. We picked up Subway in G’ville. Each got a foot long with the coupons I had. $6 for any (black forest ham for him, roast beast for me) We ate when we got home around 4:30pm. He had half his foot long, plus a big glass of chocolate milk…then a couple more bites of the OTHER half of his…WOOOOOOOOT!!

At 8pm, he ate the OTHER half!!! He put on 1.5 pounds! I know it’s from the steroids and I know it won’t last, but every little thing helps.

Friday at 4pm, he will crash. And burn. And sleep for 3 days.

But on Monday, God willing, he will start perking back up again.

I have to say thank you again for all your prayers, your good wishes and your support. I don’t think either of us would get thru it without it.

organ donar

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