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Urgent care…again…..

Wednesday Feb 17, Nick went in for Chemo and a sore side. They ended up putting this new stent and tube out of his liver. The tube comes out his side between the bottom two ribs. It’s been sore….it’s also … Continue reading

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Some good? news perhaps?

Nick had his first Chemo in weeks yesterday. He spent from 1:30pm til 5pm “with his bags.” No more pump to come home with him for 46 hours. His ‘recipe’ has been tweaked. Let’s hope, pray, and sacrifice hamsters, gerbils, … Continue reading

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What? Me? Panic?

I’m thinkin’ I’ll need some tequila in my little brown bag……. As I was driving home last night, I started crying. Then I couldn’t breathe…. Let me tell ya, when you are driving and you can’t breathe? you shouldn’t be … Continue reading

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I don’t know if I’m strong enough….

Then yesterday, this was posted on Facebook and I was tagged in it. I’m rather amazed that this is how I am seen. Because I feel like I’m a mess.  

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They have given him…..

……..This is a term we keep hearing right now. They ‘gave’ him 10-12 months last December. Last Thursdays they ‘gave’ him a couple months. My first thought? How DARE they only ‘give’ him a couple months. Give him a couple … Continue reading

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