::Peeks around the corner….::

Hi all…………it’s been a bit huh?

Lots of things happening….in a short time.

My dear friend Atia from Scotland came for a weeks visit. She arrived March 12 and stayed thru March 19th. LOVED having her here. She was such a help…..and just having someone at the house with Nick was a load off my mind. Here she is teaching my grandson how to use a VERY. EXPENSIVE. CAMERA. ugh…

atia and camera.jpeg

Nick. He’s getting frailer by the day and I really hate leaving him home alone. He’s getting less steady on his feet and ……man if he would fall…..?? It would probably kill him. Last weigh in was 110lbs.

On March 18th, my gorgeous cousin Cathy came from Salt Lake City. She spent Friday night with my brother, met for breakfast with some cousins up in the cities. Then Saturday, Jim brought her to my house…. and she cooked Saturday, Sunday, and Monday….what a load off!! Healthy AWESOME tasting meals….I loved it and cannot thank her enough!!

On March 19th, I took Atia back to the Minneapolis airport. She flew out at 4:10pm. From Terminal 1. At 4:20pm, my beautiful cousin Allison flew in from California. At Terminal 2. So I had the lovely joy of trying to figure out how to get from one to the other and back. I DID IT!!

Before I left home to pick her up, I sent Allison a photo.


Her response? Oh no – please make it stop!! 😉 [I’ve been trying to get Allison to my house for a while. “Never when there is snow!” aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahha!!! oops]

It was more awesome than words to have both of them there. Just having someone to be there with me, for me, with us….for us…..was FEE NOM! We laughed, depleted my supply of wine, (ugh), ate awesome food, Nick got to spend time with a couple ladies he loves almost as much as me…it was WONDERFUL……

I’m just so beyond sad that it’s most likely the last time they will get to see him unless God decides to shine a miracle on us. And I have so many people praying for that……………….

I have to post some photos on here in the next few days. Waiting for daughter in law to get them all to me. She does such an awesome job…….love her to bits.

This morning, after a wonderful breakfast at Garden of Eatin’, Megann took my cousins up to the cities. They are both flying home today.

And that makes me so sad.

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