Some unexpected news……


So we got married on Sunday…….

We have been engaged since June of 1996……*rolls eyes* ….figured it was about time…..

The idea of just doing this has been tossed around for a couple months now. The person helping Nick with his will is so thankful……”This is MUCH more a legal binding contract and won’t have to go to probate court!”


So romantic.

Anyway…..we’ve been tossing around March 20th for a few weeks. So I found out what we needed to have to get a license……………well HOLY CRAP!! We had to haul to get all the paperwork we needed. We applied and had 9 days before the wedding. There is a 5 day waiting period.

We made it under the wire by 4 days. *whew*

We had rings we’ve been wearing so we used those. We dressed up in nice clothes….didn’t buy anything new……

…and we didn’t tell anyone.

Cousin Cathy had a flight to see us that weekend. Cousin Allison wasn’t sure she would make it. So I called her……”I have a secret”….and I told her what was planned. And she decided to come then. I emailed her later……told her I didn’t want to GUILT her into coming but…..’would you like to be the maid of honor or the best man??’…..She laughed!!!

So Allison knew before she got here and was sworn to secrecy……..Saturday night, Cathy, Allison and I were sitting at the table talking when I looked at Allison and said “We should let her be in on the secret now……” Yup…..So I asked Cathy “which would you like to be? Maid of Honor or Best Man?” Her eyes got wide!!! It was awesome…I love surprises!!!

I LOVED having those two be a part of this. I wish ALL of my cousins and family and and could have been there. There just wasn’t room in that BEAUTIFUL little chapel….8 stained glass windows formed 2 sides facing southwest……so we had wonderful sunlight back lighting the windows.

So… 3ish, I finally told my daughter Megann what was going on and asked her if she would do my hair. She was excited….and did a great job French braiding it. I’d been asking my daughter in law about being at our house that Sunday by 4pm at the latest….They were in Byron qualifying all 3 grandsons for state wrestling…..and yes, all three are going! I had wanted to have Bec take the photos but didn’t want her to know ahead of time so no one spilled the beans.

Totally forgetting Megann is a pretty good photographer too. She just doesn’t have the camera equipment Bec does.

At 4:15pm, Nick and I walked into the living room and told Mom and Dad and my brother Scott…..”We have a bit of a surprise…” Mom “oh yeah?” yea…..Nick and I have a 5pm wedding scheduled and if you want to go with us WE HAVE TO LEAVE RIGHT NOW!

They all scrambled for their cars and away we went…..

So Bec texts me at about 4:40pm they were about 20 miles from the church yet. So I told her “haul ass. Take the 35 exit and head to Trempealeau. Turn right on Grove. Meet us at the church.”

They walked in just as we were starting. We were VERY informal and VERY casual. No one was dressed up super nice except Cathy and Allison and Nick and I……and it was perfect. We didn’t even start at 5pm. My son and wife showed up about 5:10 and joined in with the grandkids. No one was quiet and it made the day even better!

They were there for the important part.

Juliana was crying and Lennox was running around, playing on the piano….it was noisy, and busy and special because if it wasn’t perfect….it didn’t matter. The people who love us were there. The grandchildren were there……and to me THAT is what counted so much. Those kids love their Papa and Nonna and to be part of our day meant SO much to them.

We’ve been engaged for 20 years.

I know that our marriage won’t last that long……cancer is usually a losing battle…..but we have what we have.

And we crack each other up.

Good Morning Mr. D.

Good Morning Mrs. D.

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