……at least I try…..


……every day Nick feels better…….and every day the tumor grows more…..and I get more terrified…..

And every day, his family pushes him further away.

And they don’t get it.

I may be moving this blog to another site. I’m not happy about this. But I don’t deal with spies and secrets and stories told behind my back. I realize this is the WORLD WIDE WEB…..altho some children I know don’t get that either…..but I won’t have tales told out of hand.

And that….I found out……has been happening.

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17 thoughts on “……at least I try…..

  1. Don’t waste your energy on them hon, they are not worth it. And if all they have in their lives is so boring that they have to make shit up and stir the pot, then they are to be pitied.

    In the grand scheme of things the only people who matter are you and Nick. The rest of them can go take a long walk off a short pier, because they are irrelevant.

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      1. “The Family” and they have the right to make his decisions. He MUST go to Rochester to get a second opinion. Good. Rochester Mayo is the same as LaCrosse Mayo but we’ll go. Insurance didn’t pay a DIME of that second opinion, which by the way, was the same as the first, cost $555 out of MY pocket till SSI kicks in. Thank God we set up a GoFundMe that’s actually collecting money for his medical bills.


  2. My goodness, a second opinion at this stage? Okay I would love to see a miracle and I would love this not to be so…and I would like for you two to just have some peace and quiet together.
    Nick decides how he is to spend the time he has left. That is just the right way.

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