So long…..?

normal ive pretended to be normal

To say I’m disappointed is saying the least I can say.

“Ya, I knew. I read her blog.”

No congratulations. No phone calls saying “Finally! cool!”

I don’t care.

But it hurt Nick. A lot.

So this blog most likely will either be shut down. Or I move.

If I can find a way to CLOSE it so you can only read it if you are on my approved list…..that is what I’d rather do.

I’m sorry that it has come to this.

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9 thoughts on “So long…..?

  1. I think there is a way to make it more private, but I will have to look again. If you leave, I hope you will tell me where you go 😦 DANG PEOPLE !


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      1. There is and option that says ” I would like my site to be private, visible only to users I choose” I don’t see how to add the users though

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      2. I found that too…..but I don’t know where to add my users. I’ll dig into it. So my site may need ‘signing in’ for a bit if it pulls the same things it did yesterday……HUGS!!!

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