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I’ve been trying to power walk every night after work.

With the benefit getting so close and only Megann and I doing the bulk of it….(with the help of a few friends here and there) there hasn’t been much time to walk.  Love how this was pretty much dumped on us……….and then walked away from……

I’m seriously thinking of joining the YMCA. I’d like to swim several days a week. I drive almost right past it on the way home……………..

I need to do something. This weight thing is pissin’ me off. And maybe I’d be more exhausted when I get home and can actually sleep….

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7 thoughts on “Exhausted….done….Kaput….

  1. Most Y’s have great programs beyond swimming. Hope the benefit helps with the expenses. You are doing a great job. Exhaustion never worked for me, I just woke up feeling as though I had a cold. Run down. Rum sounds like a plan 😀

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