LOVE this photo……


I like to dream big. I have SO many things I want to do. Yet when I try? I find people love to try and knock that out of you.

Are they jealous because you think of big fun things to do? And they can’t? Because you want to IMPROVE your life instead of wallowing in it?

Why can’t people just say “OH wow!! That sounds COOL!! What can I do to help?” and want to be a part of it, instead of “That’s stupid. It will look awful.”

How do you know what I am thinking in my head? You can’t read my mind.

*Throws hands in the air*

I’m doing a Benefit Wrap Party on Saturday for all our volunteers……It should be fun!

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3 thoughts on “LOVE this photo……

  1. Well you know me, I think outside the box, or the textbook, and think of all sorts of weird crap. No one dares tell me *that is stupid*. Enjoy, do it. Let those who think negatively of your ideas go sit in a dark room and watch a dark wall.
    I prefer not to.


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