Sometimes that’s so HARD to do!!


I read this. Then I read it again. And it was pretty uplifting today.

Yesterday, a dear friend of mine lost his best friend. When he told me Finn was gone, I got this lump in my throat, and my eyes started to leak.

you smell like love.jpg

I don’t think I had the honor of meeting Finn. But I did hear stories and saw photos of a handsome best friend of my friend. Finn was a gorgeous dog. Sleek and what a coat on him.

And I thought back to the day, that still seems like yesterday, when I held Bear as he slipped from this world to the next one.

The pain is real.

And they are not ‘just a dog’

They are here for us when no one else is.

i love you i love you etc.jpg

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7 Responses to Sometimes that’s so HARD to do!!

  1. fredrieka says:

    It is hard to lose what we love no matter if it is a person or a pawbaby

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  2. blogmomrocks2 says:

    It can be so unconditional….

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