I’m coming to know this more and more…..

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Each day it gets harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning.

Last night, I got mad at Nick. I maybe can’t say mad…more like frustrated.

I work all day ….. and come home to a mess. Granted he rinses his dishes…and puts them on the counter…..right above the dishwasher. Recycles…go on the counter closest to the basement door instead of walking 3 more feet and opening a door to throw them. A big plastic jug, I took the screw cover off, put on the counter and put the jug NEXT to it. He put the lid back on and moved it further away from the basement door. (I did that one as a test. He failed)

I’m exhausted when I get home. Then I hear “I’m helping out as much as I can!”…no luv…..you are making more work for me. I don’t say this out loud but I feel guilt.

When we moved? I got yelled at SO many times to put the boxes where they were to STAY because he didn’t want to move them twice.  So it’s OK to move things 3 times now??  *throws hands up in confusion*

I know it sounds petty but seriously……he wants me to do nothing but cuddle on the couch when I get home from work……..which I am more than willing to do….but AFTER I clean up his messes.

Which…..really? Should I have to clean up? He spent the morning in the garage yesterday. So he did have the energy to take care of these few things. The few things that would have saved me close to 45 minutes last night.

I’ll shut up now.

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4 thoughts on “I’m coming to know this more and more…..

  1. I feel ya Boo, I have similar things happen daily while Paul recovers from his by-pass surgery. I think I’m going to hell for some of my thoughts! “You walk past the recycling bin how many times daily??” yet the recycling is on the edge of the counter! “How long do the friggin’ dishes need to soak before they can be placed in the dishwasher?” Obviously ALL DAY LONG!!! I hate my kitchen being cluttered!! Being tired definitely doesn’t help, don’t forget to take care of you too! ❤

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    1. What I tried to explain last night, was if he doesn’t TRY, he will continue to forget things and it will only get worse. LOOK at what is in your hand and put it away. Don’t just set it down.


  2. The frustration level for a caregiver coupled with being a couple I imagine you want to pull your hair out. Shame you cannot get hospice I know I have said it before but they have a 1 to 2 times a week service which helps with the messes as well as nursing.

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    1. We probably could get hospice. I just need to BE THERE with him at an appointment and I have been unable to do that recently. HE won’t ask. I just have too much on my plate to remember everything but holding him lately.

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