And yet…..


I’m not sure I like heading where I have no choice.

I can only see it being ‘more important’ because it will make me a stronger person. I will lose Nick. Sooner than later. I am not ready for that. I’ll never be ready for that.

I say that now…but I know watching him suffer will take its toll on me. And I’ll pray for a peaceful and dignified end for him, no matter the pain it costs me.

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10 Responses to And yet…..

  1. Thomas says:

    God is in control, for what reason we don’t know, and maybe the winshield will show us. But it is a very bumpy ride along the way.

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  2. fredrieka says:

    What you express here is so very true for all caregivers. We want our love ones to stay with us yet we do not want them to suffer.

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  3. I agree with fredrieka, not much I can add that hasn’t been said.

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  4. joliesattic says:

    So true, but none of us knows the limit of our strength until it’s been met and God allows only what He knows we are capable of handling.

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