America’s troops – who haven’t seen a raise over 2 percent in years – could soon see their monthly pay actually go down in some cases if a Senate plan to overhaul the military housing allowance goes through.

Right now, the Defense Department pays service members a set housing stipend based on several factors including rank and zip code. These rules allow bargain-hunting soldiers who find less expensive housing to pocket the difference — and use it for groceries, utilities or other expenses.

Under the new Senate proposal, members of the Army, Navy and Air Force would get only the exact amount they spend on rent and utilities. It’s part of a plan to make sure rent and utilities are covered for everyone while curbing abuses in the system – while likely saving the government millions in the process, according to one estimate.

What a CROCK!!! How ’bout the Congress and SENATE get paid for what they ACTUALLY DO!! WHICH IS VERY LITTLE!!! Cutting our military wages while GIVING THEMSELVES PAY RAISES???

I DON’T THINK SO CHARLIE!!!! ass old fart


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  1. A Perfectmindstorm says:

    This is bullcrap!! My daughter is married to an Airman and they don’t get paid worth a flip, but the housing allowance helps a lot especially if they live off base like they did last year. They have since moved on to the base and I will say base housing where they are stationed is wonderful. Yeah these politicians need to cut their own pay, like down to NOTHING


  2. joliesattic says:

    What a pisser! When they start forfeiting their own pay then I may, just may take them seriously!
    It is such a joke. AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA

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  3. fredrieka says:

    Being an army brat who knows first hand how hard it is for a military family to make ends meet this is deplorable.

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