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My heart is broken….

David Lee “Nick” Duerkop passed away Friday, July 22, 2016, after a long and difficult battle with cancer. Nick was born Aug. 18, 1957, to Donald and Lucille (Peterson) Duerkop in Wabasha, Minn. He grew up in Alma, Wis., and … Continue reading

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Last night was rougher…

Found this on FB last night. It’s so hard to keep fighting. If I had an HOUR to myself so I could scream, it would help. I got home last night to find him laying on the couch, almost unable … Continue reading

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Yesterday was pretty rough….

….I called home about 1pm. LF answered the phone. (some know who that is, others……no need to worry) “Where’s Nick?” I asked…wondering why he answered the phone instead of it going to voicemail. “He’s in the bathroom.” OK, have him … Continue reading

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He doesn’t beg…(updated)

…..for me to stay home with him anymore. I’m hoping it’s because he know I can’t instead of his being at the stage where he’s turning inward. I will be able to later. Too bad I have to wait till … Continue reading

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I got a little taste of life “after”….

….last night. In two things I’ve not had to do ‘alone’ for 22+ years. I’d been putting off lawn for a couple nights. Wednesday because of a car club ‘meeting’ at our house. Tuesday because I had to run to … Continue reading

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I do NOT like C/P but this is GOOD!

The following was written in 2013 by Orlando Sentinel columnist Charlie Reese. It was his last post. Three years ago someone pointed out who to blame and because it wasn’t what people wanted to hear, it got lost in the … Continue reading

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I have had more than one friend tell me “I’m glad you are writing a journal on this.” I learned 20 plus years ago, how mentally helpful it is to write out the stuff that swirls in your head. Or … Continue reading

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