Just a few highlights of our trip…

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Just thought I’d touch on a few highlights.


Sunset at Grand Marias, MN

Nick at Grand Marias on the way up to
A little reflecting, a little praying, and a little solitude at Grand Marias.

Stopped at a random resort so we could get close to Lake Superior. Ain’t he handsome!?

Ain’t this bootiful?

paddle boating
Paddle boating on Sturgeon Lake.

There’s a waterfall around that point to the left…..we didn’t find it..

I got to see a black bear !!


moose in lake
…..See that little brown spot in the middle right in the lake?

It’s a Moose.

I got video.

If I could get YouTube to work, I’d post it. ‘My first moose sighting’ if anyone wants to go look for it.

Sue and Nick at Madeline Island
Heading over to Madeline Island in the Apostle Island group in Lake Superior. So pretty. And we got an great photo of the two of us!!

Sue picking stones at Madeline Island
I always collect rocks for my plants wherever we go.

Hell, they wanted $16 for a small locket full of sand. I got a shmitload of rocks for free!!

It was a long trip. We left home Friday night, June 24th. Spent 2 nights at his brothers for a family reunion. Blech.

Then off to Minneapolis and some fun! Got our passport book for me and card for Nick and off we went! Made it to Grand Marias on Monday night, Harris Bay Resort 55 miles north of Ignace,Canada for Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Thursday we were back in Grand Marias, Friday was a B&B in Port Wing, WI <—Bear Paw….GOOD EATS!!

Saturday was Madeline Island and Saturday evening was spent in Hayward, WI.

Sunday we got home about 2pm and promptly took a nap.

It was good to spend some quality time with Nick. It was rough on him but he wouldn’t say no to anything. He did nap a lot but we did get to do things.

And he was happy.

That’s all that mattered.

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11 thoughts on “Just a few highlights of our trip…

    1. It was a good time. We talked, laughed, he got pissed at me and life, and apologized. Some of the best in depth talks we’ve had. It was nice even tho it was about what was happening and what will happen.


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