I am so disappointed….

….in Hospice. Read on…….

June 16: Nick has a doc appointment where the 3 of us discuss how he’s feeling and that he wants to stop Chemo. Doc G tells us Medicaid, in their infinite wisdom has switched him from HT to UHC. Without asking us. Without TELLING us.

This means he needs to STOP going to Mayo and start going to Gundersen down the road.




Gundersen is NOT the clinic/hospital Nick has been doctoring with since Moses was a child. They have NONE of his medical history. They would have to start from SQUARE ONE with him!! Think of all the time lost and the medications he wouldn’t be able to get because of having to get RE-APPROVED for all of them!!!


June 17th: Doc G supposedly has this all straightened out and as of 4:30pm this day, he’s back on HT. Supposedly

June 18th: Nick signs up for Hospice care. He’s not happy because to him this means the end. He’ll just lay at home and slowly, painfully die.

June 19th – 24th: Hospice is fine. Comes to see him once. Gets him more meds so he doesn’t run out.

June 24th: Nick is discharged from Hospice as we are going to be traveling out of their service area. Not a problem they tell us. We’ll just re-sign him up when you all get back they tell us. Not a problem….it will take 1/3 the time to re-admit him to Hospice.

July 3rd: I call Hospice to let them know we are back and when can someone come re-do the paperwork? “We’ll get ahold of Vicki and let you know.” 10 minutes later I get a call. “He’s on private insurance now. We have to get this all pre approved.” I said NO, he’s on HT with Medicaid. The exact same insurance he was on when he signed up on the 18th. Yesterday they talked to Nick on the phone. The guy asked him some questions and as soon as Nick said he was on Medicaid? Oh. Ok. Bye! click.

It’s been a cluster flock ever since.

I called Hospice again this morning. Remember they are 24/7. Asked to have V call me. The lady I spoke with had NO clue how to get a hold of her. I asked her to leave a message for V to call me. Well protocol is for me to call the person on call. I said I needed to speak with V as she told us to contact her when we got back. This lady just tried to brush me off. Call back at 8. Will V be there? Well, I don’t know. Can you leave a message for her to call me? Oh, I don’t know…..I’m not sure how to do that.

I said…”OK! I’ll call back at 8! This is getting to be a cluster flock! Thank you! Bye!” and I hung up. I could hear her talking but by then I was in tears and could barely speak.

I have my man at home IN INCREDIBLE PAIN. As soon as he wakes up and starts moving he’s almost screaming…and they just brushed me off.

Ya. I’m pissed.

So after I calmed a bit, I called Doc G’s nurse. She’s flabbergasted they would say those things. Apparently it’s been taken care of as of 4:18pm yesterday.

Jaysus….the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing???????? I thought this was going to be a smooth, easy, helpful tool for Nick. I’m not so sure anymore. breathe

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11 thoughts on “I am so disappointed….

  1. The discharge and re-admission is what f’d things up royally I am suspecting. THAT is stupid and a damn … it is no excuse at all.
    Changing places of care is not unheard of because of who takes certain insurance types and who doesn’t. This is the one reason I am for care like the VA gives. Not perfect, but I one entity to deal with.
    I hope it gets solved very soon.

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    1. Sposedly it’s all worked out now and he’ll be re-admitted to Hospice tomorrow morning. I wish they understood the mental anguish they cause with all this insurance CRAP!

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  2. Insurance , administrative baloney . Who ever was on call could have helped you. Michigan hospice the people answering phones are volunteers,all they can do is basics like a switch board operator

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    1. Yes, they could have…if V hadn’t specifically told us to get ahold of her when we got back. It would have saved THEM 2/3’s the paperwork. But she had an emergency and won’t be available for a couple weeks. They could have SAID that instead of “oh I don’t know how to do that.”

      As of this morning, he’s back on Hospice and the 2 new girls are adorabubble…..he’s happy with them.

      So now it’s all good again.

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  3. I don’t have a membership, so this is likely to be annoy…This is Vickie Collins. You summed it up with ‘right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing” They NEVER do it seems.

    I hope they find the paperwork and get this sorted quickly.

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    1. We got it all sorted out on Saturday. Those girls were AWESOME! It was just the receptionist at the place. She may need some training…..


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