I got a little taste of life “after”….

….last night. In two things I’ve not had to do ‘alone’ for 22+ years.

I’d been putting off lawn for a couple nights. Wednesday because of a car club ‘meeting’ at our house. Tuesday because I had to run to Blair right after work and didn’t get done with that in time.

So last night, I bit the bullet and got on the John Deere. The monster. I call it ‘The Beast’ because it is…….a BEAST. It’s big and difficult to handle. And it eats grass like crazy!

BUT I DID IT!! I even figured it all out to get it started, the deck lowered and the most important little hidden thing……………HOW TO START THE BLADES!!

I’m so proud of myself.

east view

I started the lawn and got one lousy round into it and ran out of gas.(right where that ‘light’ is pointing) Toddled over to the garage, FOUND the gas can, FOUND THE GAS CAP! (cause it wasn’t where I thought it was) emptied the gas can (remember this part for later) into the tank and kept mowing. Got the lawn all mowed in about 2 hours. Wow….Then I parked the beast in the shed as he ran out of gas. Perfect timing!

Then remembered a place about the size of a truck that I didn’t go back and finish up. It’s behind the garage and not THAT big a deal but….. Remember the gas can? Yeah. I will need to finish up that little spot tonight.


Brown Shag rug.jpeg

This is the other thing I did alone last night. There was a cream colored chunk of carpet in my living room. I’ve had it for purt near 30 years. So it’s not in the best shape. It needed cleaning and I just don’t have the energy to rent a carpet cleaner.

So I bought this instead.

ERMERGERD!! It’s so soft and fluffy and nice to walk on barefoot. It felt so good!

So I had to roll up the old chunk which included getting it out from under the stand you see with records and DVDs on it. It also holds Nick’s stereo. I finally got it out, rolled it up and it’s now out on my screen porch where it will live out its days in carefree abandon. It wasn’t that heavy? just bulky and hard to handle alone.


Then I opened the packaging on this new rug and rolled it out. Again, not that heavy but it is bulky. I had to move some furniture and then I got it all laid out………….except putting it under the stereo stand.

I’m not going to.

In a few months my living room will completely change. I’m not going to have someone bust a nut trying to lift that shelving unit enough to scoot that corner under it. The shelving unit might even be gone or maybe I’ll put it behind my desk because I’m selling the 1953 Philco Console radio/record player that’s back there now. The stereo goes to the child and some of those albums on it go too. So no real point in fixing that rug.

For now.

And then.

I sat down. Looked at all I had done in the few hours since I got home, looked at Jegs, and said “you know? This is how my life will be in a few months.

Or less.”

He got up, put his gorgeous head on my leg, and looked at me like “I know Mom.”



I sat there and cried.


About Boo

Grandmother to 10....no 11....or is it 12 now? Getting back into life after losing the love of my life to cancer. Read my struggles with daily life........or don't. But I hope it helps ONE person get thru the same thing I went thru......
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2 Responses to I got a little taste of life “after”….

  1. fredrieka says:

    accomplishing one thing at a time. Best way to go. Also, it feels good to have it done.

    Liked by 1 person

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