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I think Nick is trying to tell me something…..

I wear Nick’s wedding ring. I just do because I need to. I had it on my right hand with his other ring. But I keep losing it because my finger is too small. (The Kokopelli ring is the one … Continue reading

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My bootiful new daughter…

Earn is from Thailand. And she is a DELIGHT! Helpful, fun, funny, easy to get along with. Fairly easy to communicate with and that will change within the month. They pick up language so much easier at a younger age! … Continue reading

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IL was great!

I left work Friday at noon, headed to the lawyers office, then I was off to IL to see Tom and the “Illinois Mafia” As always, it was a good time. My ‘new daughter’ let me know her flight came … Continue reading

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I’m off like a dirty shirt….!

…or as my daughter *who was 10 at the time said* No mom! like a dirty PROM dress!!! Heading to IL today to deliver this beauty. It’s a radio bar. Nick bought it way back when. A fully furnished and … Continue reading

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They’re circling….

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahhahaha!!! I’m sorry. I’m just finding this…..odd? I’ve known these guys for 10 to 30 plus years. And I watch them jockey for time to spend with me….now that Nick is gone. Can I be alone for a while? Granted … Continue reading

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Well I THOUGHT I slept well!

I didn’t get up a dozen times and I thought I did OK staying asleep. Apparently I didn’t. I must be having some good dreams. Just wish I could remember them. Last night after I got back from Winona, Kevin … Continue reading

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This doing things alone……

……….is for the birds. One only comes to realize how much the other does….when the other one is gone. I spent 2 hours on the lawn mower last night. I hit 2 patches of Burning Nettles so tonight I get … Continue reading

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