Back in school….

…and the lesson is ‘Learning to Cope’

Wonder if the University offers ‘Coping 101’ ? Cause I sure don’t do well at night. That bed is just too damn big. Even the dog sleeping in it with me doesn’t take up the room Nick used to.

I can look across the bed and SEE his dresser now. And it brings it all home……Again.Nick for paper

I gave Matteo this T-shirt of Nicks. I pulled out 4 of them, he chose two to take home. The other one is the black T-shirt with Nick’s (now mine) truck on it. I told him he could have all 4. He chose just the two. They had meaning to him. This photo is from the one of the 3 of us.

Nick Matteo Sue

We had such fun that day…..taking photos and laughing.

Nick and Sue benefit

This is everyone’s favorite photo of us.

Mine too.

Now…to start studying for class.

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7 thoughts on “Back in school….

  1. Wonderful pictures here of good times. In time, your memories will start thinking of happier times when Nick was alive and it will bring so many smiles to your face. Its hard as hell right now. Your grief is still raw and fresh. Time…time, is the key. God gave us the ability to grieve and pick up the pieces of our broken heart. We don’t forget, we just ease forward with each passing day. Things begin to be more kind and gentler. You don’t see it now, but you will. Hold on to happy thoughts of Nick. Just know he is strong and healthy right now. Lean on that strength, he will be there to watch over you. ♡

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    1. So far the memories (Until last night) have been the good ones. Last night, his final day just WASHED over me…..the pain was so sharp!


      1. Hang in. You’ll have your moments where reality will slap you across the face. Coping with it is rough. You can and WILL get through this!

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  2. I pray the pain washes away and you come forward with peace. Memories of riding in the truck doing all the things you both enjoyed. As I read this post I was reminded of the vacation you both just recently took. It was not all that long ago. That was a gift to the both of you.

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