How are you doing?

I do really appreciate that people care. I do. I’d rather not be alone.

…but my standard answer, depending on who’s asking, is

-Not worth a shit


-Not worth a Tinker’s Damn.

My manners still shine thru!


Yesterday I got an email telling me ANOTHER Car person died. That’s 3 since July 22nd. Hopefully it’s the end for now.

It keeps slapping me in the face how FINAL this is. And that I need to move along. I look at his clothes in the closet, his pictures around the house, the toy cars, catalogs, magazines, repair manuals and all the Ford Memorabilia we have.

Do I start packing things up?

I spose as I get boxes I could. And yet do I want to ‘remove’ him from our home?

I don’t like this being alone crap…..


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14 thoughts on “How are you doing?

      1. I can’t say. How much can you take? I figured out a long time ago, when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, I did and then it stopped. So there will reach a point where when you think you can’t, you can and then it’s over. It’s like the trials of Frodo in Lord of the Rings, where he realizes that with his friends, he could succeed. You too, with the help of friends and God, are a conqueror!

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  1. Honey there is no time table for grief, no time table for having to pack up Nick’s things or give them away. One day you will just do it, but don’t push yourself and don’t feel bad for lingering in the “now”. Allow yourself time to grieve. It hasn’t been that long.

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      1. Everyone grieves in their own time. Just do what feels right for you when it feels right, that is all I was saying…

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  2. Boo, memories are all we have left of those who went on before us, cherish them, hold them in your heart, objects no matter what, are just that, but if they make you feel better having them, keep them, you will know when the time comes to get rid of them, if you so desire.

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    1. Not get rid of…pack away to bring out when I need them. Or put them in a bedroom upstairs and when I need them? Go visit them. I’d like to think I’ll have love like that again….I just don’t know….


  3. It differs with every person. When my mother died, my father packed up moms clothes the day after the funeral. Us kids took what we wanted. The rest went to Good Will. Her keepsakes, knick knacks, jewelry, etc. stayed out a little longer. A month or so later, again, what us kids or other family members didn’t want, went to Good Will. Some, refuse to do away with anything, even years later. Some, right away. It all depends on YOU. When you are ready, you will know it. Don’t feel pressured or just feel the NEED to do anything, at any certain time. You will know, when the time is right.

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    1. I thought about cleaning out his clothes , especially his Tshirts, because I have plans for them. And………..I just did other things instead. Didn’t surprise me.


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