I hate these bad nights…..

…and it was a doosey last night. JUST couldn’t stop thinking about Nick and all the things we wanted to do together; while I’m trying to get another bedroom ready.

I joined AirBnB.


Monday I got my first client!!! They are coming this FRIDAY!!!


I’m not ready! I figured it would be MONTHS before anyone discovered me. 3 DAYS! But I’m looking forward to it. I have the one bedroom ready. I’m trying to get the other one ready too, so my student can pick which one she wants. The other I will keep ready for AirBnB clients.

So, yes, I finally got the all clear for Thipnittha to arrive on Aug 30th or 31st.

I should do a contest.


What would be a good nickname for her?

Maybe I’ll just call her Bella.




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4 Responses to I hate these bad nights…..

  1. Heh! Heh! …Bella! 🙂 That’ll work!

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  2. Val Ewing says:

    What is a “Thipnittha”?
    And yes I understand the tough nights, wandering about, missing the way things used to be. Loneliness.
    I am glad to see you surging forward and not shrinking into a shell.
    So with AirBnB you will be doing like a room rental? Great idea as you have that beautiful state park near you and so much to do near where you live right?
    And am I getting this straight, You are getting an exchange student?

    I’ve been out of touch with being in Wausau and tearing around with Lily. So sorry I haven’t kept up very well.

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    • Boo says:

      Thipnittha is my new daughter from Thailand I’m hosting as a student this year.

      Rent the extra bedroom upstairs. Everyone is vetted so I don’t have to worry about some Joe Blow off the street.


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