8 thoughts on “Happy birthday my love…..

  1. Lovely and bittersweet. No man will ever pick up where he was just know that he was extra special.
    I know that no man will ever come close to replacing my old fart. Let me rephrase that, I want no one ever again if something happens.
    Your love was special.
    You know that.

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  2. Drive in restaurants or theaters? I think we still had a couple in Alabama as well, come to think of it. Theaters.
    I remember you saying that Nick said he knew he wasn’t going to make his birthday, but he came so close. Closer than he probably expected as well. That’s a good thing.
    No, cherish the memories and the love. That is the gift he gave you that no one can take away. It will forever remain in your heart. Hugs girl!!

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