I have a wonderful friend….he calls to check on me every day. He and Nick were good friends. And I think he’s taking this pretty hard. I met him over 30 years ago. His wife and my ex knew each other. That’s how J and I met. ‘Nuff said.

He has some doors that will fit on my house. So I’ll be going to get them soon. Taking Earn to meet his mom. She’s adorabubble. And she loves me. She’s in her early 80’s so I need to go see her as often as I can.

I have another friend who has promised to take me on a motorcycle ride. I hope he shows up soon. I would like to go although I may have to go to his shop to get it. That’s OK, Tomah isn’t that far.  annnnnnnnnnnd I just got a text; he’s in Deadwood….guess I’ll be waiting…..

Last night, it was late when my friend J called. We talked for 2+ hours. It was 2am when I finally shut down. So I am zausted today. It couldn’t be that I’m still a bit hungover …… could it??


Holly and I went out for burgers at Beaches Saturday night. And I proceeded to enjoy a few too many Smirnoff’s between the bar and home. Yes, we went home. I don’t like to drive or ride in a car after too many drinks. I feel safer at home. When Stuart brought the first Smirnoff he asked me if I wanted a glass. I asked him why waste the time?

and I didn’t waste any.

I know I’m drinking more. I also know I shouldn’t. And I also know it’s a phase. I would not disrespect my Grandmother by becoming a lush. She would come down and haunt me.

Sunday morning….about 2am, Sprint decided he needed to jump up on my bed….on my hand that was on Nick’s side. It startled me awake. I must have been dreaming about him because when I opened my eyes, Nick was there.

Just for a second. But he was there. And I could feel him.

I laid there and cried.

Thursday afternoon, anyone who would like, can meet us at the cemetery. They’ve already set his headstone. We are just getting together to remember. I’m going to take along a bunch of votive cups and candles.

He had his faults, he did some stupid stuff, he hurt me more than once. But in the end? I wouldn’t give up knowing him for all the money in the world. Nick and Sue April 1995

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