This doing things alone……

……….is for the birds. One only comes to realize how much the other does….when the other one is gone.

I spent 2 hours on the lawn mower last night. I hit 2 patches of Burning Nettles so tonight I get to play Whack A Weed. My left leg and arm have nettle bumps. GRRRRRRR

I also get to move a HUGE pile of brush because for some reason, the people that trimmed my honeysuckle tree, threw GREEN stuff on my FIRE PIT instead of asking where it should go. I’ll need to move it all over to the brush pile to dry so I can burn it. Funny thing is, I only mentioned I needed to do it because I found my little hand saw. I didn’t even ASK them to do this trimming.

But AFTER it was done, then I found out  –   the kid wants to use my car hauling trailer.

Sorry…ain’t gonna happen. He’s 21 and just totaled his car. Needs to haul another one home. Not on my trailer. When Nick died, my lawn needed mowing. I asked him to do it. He does a BEAUTIFUL job…

But he treats his mother with NO respect.  I had them help me a bit in the house and OMG……… Never again. How rude!

I also need to get out the push mower and do some trimming. I have a crap load of sticks to pick up and break up for kindling.

So when I get home tonight….I get to play outside again for a while. Whack a Weed. I’ll have to get before and after photos.

And some goats. I think I’ll get goats. Nature’s lawn mowers.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahhahah!!BE HAPPY




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9 thoughts on “This doing things alone……

      1. I’m taking some time. Friday night will be just over the border in IL. Next weekend up past the cities. The next weekend is my daughter’s wedding……

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  1. Goats? Goats ? There used to be goats across the road from where I lived when I was in South Carolina. I could hear them but could not see them and for a long time I thought people were being tortured over there because they make some really strange sounds, especially at night. Later I found out it was goats. But yeah, goats would help with the yard work. They like to jump up on the hoods of cars too so there is that.

    Hugs ya tight ♥

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  2. Get electric fence and get a Dexter cow, they eat everything! And when the yard is nice and trim, you can eat them. Okay not a nice thought, but they work for us as pasture cleaners and trimmers.
    Sorry I’ve been away and not commenting. So many things going on here too. Not the least of back to back 12hr shifts.
    I learned to do stuff alone when Rich was sick. I became pretty independent and I think I am more organized that way.
    You’ll soon find a routine that will suit you, although I don’t have a clue as to how much yard you do have to mow and trim. It isn’t an easy job alone.
    I have a love/hate thing with the week eater thingy.

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