I’m off like a dirty shirt….!

…or as my daughter *who was 10 at the time said* No mom! like a dirty PROM dress!!!

radio bar topradio bar

Heading to IL today to deliver this beauty. It’s a radio bar. Nick bought it way back when. A fully furnished and finished one sold in the later 90’s for $1,600. This one is not furnished but the finish is awesome. It will look wonderful in Tom’s house.

We are going out for supper tonite, cruising around in the ’57 convertible pictured below. This is the car Nick ran down the track at Byron Meltdown Drags. Tom would say in front of Nick that I was HIS girlfriend but don’t tell Nick. He’s a sweet man I’m very happy to have in my life.

flowers 059

Most people know of Tom, Dick and Harry. Well, in the photo below is Tom, Nick and Harry.

tom nick harry.jpg

Tom is the one I’m going to see. The blue and white convertible behind the guys is the one I’ll be cruisin’ in tonite! Nick is in the middle and Harry is the guy that makes awesome trophies and buttons and stickers.  Like this one:

NIck Sticker

Hitch in my git along……I must stop at the lawyer’s office to sign some paperwork. His office is downtown, and driving there will suck since there is SO much construction right now. Single lanes and no one will give an inch because OMG you might get there before they do!!!

Ok, back to what I was doing. Hugs to all and to all a good Day!!!

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3 thoughts on “I’m off like a dirty shirt….!

    1. I will. The one man I was very interested in getting to know? brushed me off after a lotta years of friendship. So I’m just gonna go have me some fun instead.


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