IL was great!

I left work Friday at noon, headed to the lawyers office, then I was off to IL to see Tom and the “Illinois Mafia” As always, it was a good time.

My ‘new daughter’ let me know her flight came in Saturday night instead of Monday or Tuesday of this week. So I headed back Saturday evening instead of Sunday. I arrived an hour earlier than I needed to so I got to relax for a while before her plane came in. Then the new luggage handler missed a bunch of suitcases so we spent an extra 45 minutes in the airport……….We didn’t get home till after 11pm.


But she is adorable…fun, sweet, nice and I’m enjoying having her there.

Sunday we took the truck up to the Ettrick Days Car Show. Inside the truck I set up the canvas of Nick and I, and the autographed photo of Jack Roush.

First show without him. Thank God so many of my friends came. It helped to have people around. I was kind of surprised that I didn’t win anything since so many people said they were voting for me but that’s ok.

And Earn there was fun. She LOVES little kids so she was at the playground equipment with them. Her smile is so beautiful.

Truck insidetruck ltruck r

It was a good weekend after all. I’m looking forward to 3 days off this coming weekend.

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