I think Nick is trying to tell me something…..

rings on box

I wear Nick’s wedding ring. I just do because I need to.

I had it on my right hand with his other ring. But I keep losing it because my finger is too small. (The Kokopelli ring is the one I bought him in Mexico that caused SUCH  a furor when we got home. Texts were FLYING around the table at Megann’s birthday party…..!! Finally someone asked if we’d gotten married…….and we just smiled……for awhile….middle ring is my favorite Silpada)

His rings

So I put his wedding ring on a chain around my neck. I was too scared about losing it. You can see how it’s looped. I thought it was pretty secure.

His ring on chain

This morning is the THIRD time that ring has come off that chain without the chain coming off my neck. There is no clasp. It’s an endless loop. I got into the bathroom this morning, felt the chain for the ring like I do constantly…..and it’s freakin’ GONE! I raced back to my bedroom…fling back the covers….and there it is. Laying in the middle of my bed.

Apparently Nick doesn’t want it on my right hand. Or on a chain around my neck.

So I moved it to my LEFT hand. If it comes off there…………….? I’m officially freaking out.

His ring on my left hand

I just wish I could see him one more time.

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8 thoughts on “I think Nick is trying to tell me something…..

  1. He may be trying to tell you something, but it’s NOT “wear my ring on your right hand.” If anything, I’d surmise that he’s telling you to take the ring off, period, to let him go because you must.


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