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I was SO insulted!! or was I?

So K and I are enjoying each others company. He is a good man. I like how he can make me smile, laugh, and snort coffee out my nose. Our new thing is walking at night. I need to lose … Continue reading

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I don’t THINK so….

The child did NOT carry the casket to and from the funeral. He wouldn’t know how. I wrote up a piece and hopefully they will publish it in this magazine.  I wanted to clarify some things and let them know … Continue reading

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Today I have nothing….again

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Beauty…in a CEMETERY?

I went to a special place last night to sit and think. It’s so peaceful and beautiful there. Years ago, I got a phone call from a friend. “I have something to show you. Meet me over by…..” So I … Continue reading

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Will it get easier?

This is the first time Meg has been up to see Nick since the funeral. She stood up there for a long time. She wanted to tell him about her wonderful wedding. Missing him is a part of her daily … Continue reading

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His boots……

I know I wasn’t planning on writing about Nick much anymore. But last night hit me like a truck. The rod almost came off the wall again in my closet. (damn thing) So it was time to do something. I … Continue reading

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Funny I should run across this….

today…..It got me thinking. because the man I spent time with last night is 2 1/2 years younger than I. He doesn’t care. He told me we were going to Slippery’s in Wabasha so he could brush up on his … Continue reading

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