She cracks me up……

…..7:37am…..she’s headed out the door. The end of the driveway is at the edge of the photo.

Bus comes at 7:45am. She was ready to go this morning at 7:05am.

Does she seem excited?????

front camera

We got a bunch of her clothes washed last night. This was her job at home but my washer is a 1988 model. So I’m thinking it’s a little foreign to her.

Got the front bedroom about done so I’m not afraid to have people stay in it. I just need to find some kind of ‘shade’ for the light bulb hanging from the ceiling. 6.5″ globe…..? I have no idea. I will need to stop in at Menard’s…..again. Seems every night I have to stop. Tonight I actually have to figure out a MEAL!!! My ham is gone since I got Earn hooked on Ham Wraps. I should do Chicken Quesadillas….PERFECT!!

I haven’t really gotten back into cooking yet. I didn’t do any cooking for so long. But I now have a daughter at home that counts on me to feed her. eeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Take out anyone??

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4 Responses to She cracks me up……

  1. fredrieka says:

    Take out sounds good. Chinese?

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  2. Good ol’ American junk, hamburgers and french fries, homemade!

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  3. littlewhip says:

    Thai food, of course!

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