Last night was NOT good…..

I posted yesterday that I was doing better.  Apparently my subconscious thought otherwise.

I was reading a pamphlet Rev. Kevin dropped off. “……..A Younger Widow” (gotta love him….)

One of the paragraphs talks of the numbness wearing off and the pain setting in.

Well……if last night was a taste of that? I’d rather be numb.

I got angry. Mad. Sad. Upset. Crying. Unable to breathe……

My glasses this morning.jpeg

Then my conversations with JonW started.

I was on the phone with my friend JonW. We had been texting about how I’d like to see Nick in a dream. Just one more time. Then JonW calls and I really lost it. He did his best to calm me. He’s good at that. (LOVE that man…..been a dear friend for over 30 years.) Wish he lived closer.

He told me a few things to do to stay calm last night…….well apparently it worked.

See where my glasses are on the counter? My glasses are ALWAYS in the bathroom or on my dresser. I NEVER leave them in the kitchen.

This is the exact spot Nick always left his glasses.

So he is with me. I just have to see the signs.

And yes I have a leg lamp from “A Christmas Story” It is Nick’s favorite Holiday movie……

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14 thoughts on “Last night was NOT good…..

  1. I have never lost a husband or a lover, but I lost my mom when I was ten. It took years to get over , but it got easier . My heart goes out to you Boo.

    By the way, I have a leg lamp too 🙂

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  2. Boo, as you know I’m not a religious type, although I do believe that there is a part of us, after we die, that lives on. I’m actually very heavy into the paranormal. I think that often those who have left us,often come by to visit, if just to let us know they also haven’t forgotten about us, and to let us know they are alright.

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