Oh man…..I had NO idea how much I missed rockin’ out to my music til I got Sirius XM in my car and have found the oldies country station. I’ve been singing at the top of my lungs and dancing in my seat since I found Channel 57-59!  I’d forgotten some of the songs, but when they came on, I could sing right along!


The child got Nick’s stereo and there was a huge hole in the book rack where one belonged. And I suddenly realized there was a stereo in the garage, that I didn’t have to try to wade through the …………..pick a word, kids? that work(aka wander aimlessly and clueless) at BB for a new stereo.

I have a kick ass one in the garage!! With ugly speakers! Good thing there were two more good speakers upstairs. My friend Kevin came over and we got it all hauled in, the speakers down from upstairs, and then I sat back and watched him work as stereo hook ups are like Greek to me. He kept going in and around my desk (it’s a disaster area) and the next thing I know? I am rockin’ out to FOREIGNER!!! yes!!!!!!!!!!! It’s hooked up to the 5 disc cd changer, the VCR and now I can watch and listen to  movies in stereo!


It made me feel so much better. Music doth sooth the savage beast.

And I was a beast (read that as bitch) because I was so raw from boxing up so much of Nick’s stuff that I was not nice to a friend of mine. I’ve loved this guy for almost 30 years. So after I started rockin’ out to Trans Siberian Orchestra “Lost Christmas Eve” I called him to apologize. And we had a good chat.

Now before you judge? Lost Christmas Eve by TSO is good ANYTIME of year. But especially when you are feeling blue. It’s so upbeat! and I love it. I was couch dancing. It was flippin’ awesome.

dance like nobodies watching.jpg

A couple guys have popped back into my life. One is a dear friend of almost 20 years, I haven’t seen in almost a year. His route doesn’t always bring him over this side of the state. He’s a tall drink of water that never fails to make me laugh. And he is a good friend.

The other has been a friend for 20 years. I don’t know where this friendship will go. I hope somewhere. I am ready for adult companionship. I need adult conversation other than about hoses, fittings and cylinders.

And I’m no longer sure so and so is the one for me even tho Nick gave us his blessing. I think I need to check things out before settling down. After the last two years….I deserve a little fun, don’t I?


About Boo

Grandmother to 10....no 11....or is it 12 now? Getting back into life after losing the love of my life to cancer. Read my struggles with daily life........or don't. But I hope it helps ONE person get thru the same thing I went thru......
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4 Responses to I HAVE MUSIC AGAIN!!!

  1. fredrieka says:

    Every step forward is a blessing especially with music

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  2. TSO I rock to it as often as possible. I have some other new favs too. Music is good.

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