Last night…..

My daughter Meg, took my daughter Earn, shopping for a dress last night. She is going to the Homecoming dance! I’m anxious to see what she picked out. She has really good fashion sense. She even took a course at school on fashion and she LOVES it.

I dropped Earn and her friend Brit off at the mall, then headed over to pick up B.

B has been a dear friend for somewhere around 20 years. He gets to town MAYBE once a year and yet we pick up our conversation as if it was an hour ago. I like having a friend that I can be that comfortable with.

We got done with supper, I dropped him off at his motel and back to the mall I went.

Did I tell you I don’t like Malls?


I let Meg know I was at the food court. “we’ll be there in a few minutes.”

Apparently there is a time warp at the mall because a few minutes? turned into over 30 minutes.


But I was a good girl and just sat there waiting.


For my 2 daughters to come to me.

Did I tell you Earn wants to go to MOA???



So I went home and cranked up Collin Raye.

I told y’all I have MUSIC IN MY HOUSE AGAIN????

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5 Responses to Last night…..

  1. Ronda says:

    I want to go to MOA too!!

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  2. Boo says:

    *chair dancing at work* wiggle wiggle


  3. I was there but … nah, it won’t be something I go back to. But everyone should experience it!

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