Changing up my bedroom

So last night, when I got home, I decided to put my new duvet cover on my comforter and the new sham covers on….I LOVE it. It made the bedroom MY room. Just that one thing!


Looks a lot better than this, I’d say.


I know I slept really well last night. I had a good conversation with a friend and ………. 11:30? I’m out. THAT’S been awhile. I have moved over to Nick’s side of the bed. And now I feel it’s my bed. How bizarre…….?  I think about him every day and yet I know I need to move on.

Now I want to paint a wall burgundy, move the bed, get rid of a dresser or two. Take down some car stuff (ugh, I know, right?) and make that room TOTALLY mine.

I’d like to have a nice oasis to retire to. I’m going to put in plants, a cool air mister and just make a nice retreat. Holly wants me to let her loose in there.


She’s AMAZING………my upstairs bathroom? Is to die for. OMG I love it……If I knew how to put videos on here, I’d post ’em.

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7 Responses to Changing up my bedroom

  1. Ronda says:

    Looks great! ❤

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  2. fredrieka says:

    Videos are easy. Once loaded onto YouTube you copy paste the link directly in the body of the post

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  3. It is good that you make changes. No one thinks you have forgotten Nick or anything like that. I’d change a lot of things around here lickety split if I was flying solo.

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