Will it get easier?

This is the first time Meg has been up to see Nick since the funeral. She stood up there for a long time. She wanted to tell him about her wonderful wedding. Missing him is a part of her daily life. Just like mine…..

Meg visiting Nick cropped.JPG

Matteo went up to see him when he was here. He, too, stood for a long while.


When I stood there yesterday, it became fresh and new all over again. I told Nick how much I miss him and that it’s so hard to visit because it rips the wound open again.

He was a well loved man. I hope he knows this.

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6 thoughts on “Will it get easier?

  1. He totally knows you loved him. There was always something special between you both. You could just look at each other and see and feel the love. He is loving you from heaven.

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    1. It is getting better. I can make it thru a day laughing and smiling, even when I think of him. Then something happens that slaps me. Like last night…I went to a Memorial Service. I could feel him SO strongly…..


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